SAAM 360 Campaign 🎗️ Raise Awareness, Create Change.

SAAM 2024

Are Your Socials Ready for Spring? 🐣

We have light content and Heavy content, perfect for Pregnancy Resource Centers!

Content is key for connecting with your clients.

Heavy first: are you prepared to start a conversation about sexual assault?
April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, so we made a SAAM 360 Campaign for your center!

See it all in this 1-minute ▶️ explainer video

Remind survivors they are not alone! Tell them your center is there to help them through a difficult trauma!

Your branded SAAM assets include:

  • 3 Square Social Media Graphics (2 Main posts and a Thank You graphic)
  • Instagram-friendly infographic (5 images)
  • Horizontal live-action video (featuring custom QR code & logo)
  • Vertical Video (great for TikTok, Instagram Reels, Facebook)
  • SAAM article + page layout
  • Donor email template


Order SAAM in as little as 5 minutes HERE: ⬅️

If you want light content, browse our monthly reels and social posts. For example,

  • hurry and snag our Easter reel before Monday, March 25!
  • for April we have an Earth Day reel, and
  • for May we have a Mental Health reel.

Order light monthly content here: 📅

Check back regularly to see more monthly social media reels and images!

Ready-made content - what more could you want?

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Pregnancy Resource Centers.