Beef Up Your Father’s Day Donor 360 Campaign!

Father's Day at the beach

Exciting news, Pregnancy Centers! We're launching our Father’s Day Donor 360 Campaign.

(Non-profits, we also have June social media content for you.)

This initiative is not just about celebrating dads; it's about recognizing their crucial role in the decision-making process surrounding unplanned pregnancies.



Do your donors know fathers significantly influence abortion decisions? What about your local church? According to Focus on the Family, they often sway the choice for life.


Tell your donors their support enables you to aid both mothers and fathers facing unplanned pregnancies. Through programs designed to empower dads financially and as parents, you're fostering stronger families and saving lives.

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We've done the heavy lifting so you can focus on what truly matters - supporting families. Ask your partner churches to share some of the video and social media content! We even have a church slide image perfect for presentations.

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Thank you for championing life and family. Together, we empower parents, save lives, and spread love and support.
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Pro-Life Ministry

It's easy to feel angry at the effects of abortion. Instead, let's pray for grace, healing, and forgiveness for moms and dads, both pro-life and pro-choice souls. No more shame, guilt, and trauma in the aftermath of abortion.

Help us celebrate the invaluable role of fathers in the Pro-Life movement with our Pro-Life Father’s Day Campaign. Through our Father’s Day Fundraiser, we're advocating for both expectant mothers and fathers with the resources they need to be pro life.

At the heart of our Pregnancy Clinic Father’s Day initiative is the recognition of dads as crucial partners in the journey towards parenthood. By organizing this Pro-Life Fundraiser, we're raising essential funds for countless clinics dedicated to providing support services to families facing unexpected pregnancies.

This campaign isn't just about celebrating fatherhood; it's about taking concrete steps to ensure that fathers are taking responsibility for their families. With your participation in our Pro-Life Father’s Day Campaign, you're not only honoring fathers but also contributing to the right to life for all preborn children.

Join us as we help men become dads for life. Together, let's publicly uphold the sanctity of life and bless fathers in their journey toward embracing the beautiful gift of parenthood.