In September and October of 2021, Google marked ads/content as ‘misleading’ regarding:

  • Abortion Pill Reversal
  • Pregnancy Symptoms
  • Post Abortion Recovery/Healing
  • Breastfeeding
  • Parenting Classes
  • Adoption
  • Free Pregnancy Testing
  • Free Ultrasounds
  • And more

Big Concern:
Our concern is that Google is bending to pressure to silence prolife voices.

First Petition – To Google:

We ask that the leadership of Google support freedom of speech over how people locate answers to questions through Google.  Our petition is 2 fold, please do not silence the life giving content/ads promoting pregnancy help organizations and please let us compete without being hindered/filtered/slowed.  Given that our content is well cited with authoritative medical citations and our content is high quality – promoting a positive user experience – please allow us to compete in the marketplace of ideas.

As your slogan, “Don’t be evil”, recognizes the existence of evil.  Please extend your slogan to promote truth and life – things that counter and compete against evil.  With evil seeking to silence prolife voices, we ask that good ideas that foster life, kindness, love and health be bolstered to compete in the marketplace of ideas.

Second Petition – To US Government:

We ask the United States government representatives to support freedom of speech as our governing body.  If Google silences the voice of pregnancy clinics, please ask them on our behalf to provide a level playing field and allow us to compete in the marketplace of ideas.

Backstory on Importance:
In 2012, I remember hearing from Donna Hecke with RealOptions/Obria that word of mouth was no longer their top intake number for ‘How did you hear about us’. Google/Internet was their number 1 response. And over the past 8 years I have heard multiple markets share that Google/Internet is their top intake form result number for ‘how did you hear about us’. So this new attack is impacting the number 1 way that abortion vulnerable clients are reached – as Google is where people go to answer questions – and this includes questions like, “am I pregnant?” and “can I reverse the abortion pill?”


If you agree with these 2 petitions, then please provide your name and email address below.