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Pro-Life Website Designer Considerations

Pregnancy clinic websites have a purpose. The purpose is to reach abortion-vulnerable clients. The purpose includes being found by this very important audience at the right time to provide a very important call to action, which is to draw that audience towards creating an appointment, which can come in the form of a phone call, filling out an appointment form, requesting more information through a contact form, connecting via text/SMS messaging, or perhaps even just emailing. 

Article Outline:

The purpose behind a pregnancy clinic website is driven by the same desire that a hero has when entering a battlefield to rescue someone who is in danger. We are literally rescuing unborn babies from an evil force that is looking to destroy them. And so the purpose is to be heroic. The purpose is to save lives. The purpose is to offer healing and restoration. And ultimately the purpose is to be found faithful to God in this epic spiritual warfare the pro-life movement is engaged in.

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Pro-Life Website Design for Pregnancy Clinic

Website design is a critical part of the marketing plan of a pregnancy clinic. The website design encompasses emotions, messages, ideas, and services being offered. 

Pregnancy Clinics are Awesome

Pregnancy clinics are awesome because they work so hard to fundraise and make all of these amazing services available at no cost for free. And then they spend more money to reach this audience who doesn’t know where to go, doesn’t know what to do, and is experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. Pregnancy clinics are awesome because they are medical, professional, free, full of kindness, full of love, and they are doing amazing things and then fundraising to make it available for free. Pregnancy clinics are awesome. 

Pregnancy Clinics Need Awesome Websites

Going back to website design, a website needs to honor this awesome opportunity to come alongside this pregnancy clinic team and provide this free, amazing medical service offering to women who need it.

It needs to be attractive. It needs to be reachable. It needs to be found. It needs to be used. It needs to be amazing. It needs to be epic. Website design is one of the key puzzle pieces, one of the key ingredients that makes a pregnancy clinic marketing plan work. The website design is important, and it needs to perform well in order to draw someone to the right next step, to the appropriate next doorway, to ultimately draw in this person who needs help into the doorway of a counseling room so that this woman, possibly couple, can get the services that she needs in order to make a decision that she is going to be blessed by down the road in the long term and the short term. 

The opposition, abortion clinics are offering a short-term solution that is built on manipulation and lies. They are literally destroying lives in order to make money, in order to do evil. Abortion clinics and Planned Parenthood have literally made mothers go to war against their own children, against their own daughters, and against their own sons.

Abortion clinics and Planned Parenthood have destroyed families, literally, like that is literally what they do. That’s not hyperbole.  That’s not exaggerating. That’s not poetic language. That is a literal fact, period. 

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Amazing Website Development

Imagine, here we have this amazing website design with incredible content and nail biting stories to share and amazing services to promote. Well, now we need website development services to bring this design to life, to bring it into a platform that will function, that will work.

Needs to Work

It needs to work on an iPhone or an Android. It needs to work on a tablet and a laptop, computer. It needs to work in these different scenarios. It needs to be searchable and indexable by Google. 

Making it Move

Website development is the work of making things move, and show up, to look appropriate on these different platforms by coding and developing the back end of a website so that the front end looks good. It looks right. It shows the content in the right way and the design can accomplish its goal of reaching the right audience. 

Crafting Creative Code

So website design and website development go hand in hand. They work together to create and effectively be the website that will perform and help us reach our audience. Website design and development are so important because they literally help us reach our audience, save lives, and ultimately help us achieve our mission more often

At Pro-Life Ribbon, our goal is to support pregnancy clinics with marketing tools, and marketing insight, and our mission is to support pregnancy clinics in saving as many lives as possible every hour.

Save as Many Lives as Possible Every Day

To save lives, to save as many lives as possible every day, to maximize the number of lives that we save. Yes, we would like to see abortion abolished, but we’re not going to let children slip through our fingers. In the meantime, we’re going to save as many lives as possible. If we were a firefighter and there was a burning building that had a hundred children in it, as a firefighter, we would go in, grab as many children as we possibly can, and help lead those who can move to get out of that burning building. Once we get out with those four children, then we’re going to go back in to get four more, and then we’re going to go back in and get four more. We’re going to keep going back in to save more children. Yes, we want abortion abolished, but at this moment, we’re going to save as many lives as we possibly can per minute, per hour, per day, per year. 

We’re going to maximize the number of lives that we can impact and save based on the tools and resources that we have. Website design, and website development are a critical part of saving as many lives as possible. Website design and website development are critical parts of a pregnancy clinic marketing strategy/marketing plan.

Having a pro-life marketing vision will allow you to keep the focus on saving as many lives as possible. 

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Pregnancy Clinic Website Designers Vary in Experience

My name is Jacob Barr. I’m the owner of, started in 2000, which was 24 years ago. I have experienced a lot of different scenarios when it comes to website designers and developers being of different quality levels.

I’ve seen people who don’t respond well. I’ve seen people who are volunteers. I’ve seen designers and developers who do well in certain ways and areas. I’ve seen a lot of different stories. I’d like to highlight when someone is new to working on a pregnancy clinic website, how that learning curve of understanding – how to work on a pregnancy clinic website is real. The learning curve is real.  When someone is seasoned and dedicated to working on pregnancy clinic websites, you can take advantage of that experience/journey down the learning curve.

I would just like you to know, when thinking about different website designers, I would encourage you not just to consider the age of their company, but the amount of work that they’ve done in the pro-life pregnancy clinic space, in the pregnancy clinic genre, in the abortion-minded marketing advertising world. When it comes to using the right words at the right time, with the right desire to call to action and completing a funnel activity, having someone who is seasoned, passionate, and helpful is something that you will benefit by and be blessed by. 

When you’re considering a website designer, don’t just look at the number of dentist websites they’ve done, the number of construction websites that they’ve done, the number of church websites that they have done, but really look at the number of pregnancy clinic websites that they have done and consider and compare that to the other marketing companies, the other pro-life marketing companies, and how many pregnancy clinic websites they have done.

For my team at, which is very closely connected to Pro-Life Ribbon, intimately connected to Pro-Life Ribbon, we have created over 440 pregnancy clinic websites over 24 years. We have worked on over 140 Google monthly ad grants for pregnancy clinics. We have worked on countless projects, content work, videos, infographics, designs, logos. We have a team of 18 people, 9 full-time, and 9 freelance, who are dedicated to working on pregnancy clinic and pro-life projects. We have literally been around for almost a quarter of a century, focusing in this area/effort, praying regularly, seeking God’s direction, interacting with Heartbeat International, Care Net, Alliance for Life Missouri, International Life Services, hundreds of pregnancy clinics such as Obria, Real Options, Community, Pearson Place, Trotter House, and many, many more. 

We have connected with very smart people and shared ideas, and it’s true that iron does sharpen iron, and I feel like we’re in that world of helping others and they help us, and so our goal is to be very well connected with pro-life leaders because we want to be sharpened iron. We want to help others be sharpened iron. 

So when you’re looking for a website designer, I would encourage you to look at someone based on their experience, based on their experience with pregnancy clinics, and the current marketplace of ideas for pro-life pregnancy clinics. Find someone who is seasoned. It’ll be a good idea to find someone who is seasoned. 

website design team values

Pregnancy Center Website Design Firms Vary in Values is a member of the PLMEC. The PLMEC stands for Pro-Life Marketing Ethics Council. The PLMEC is a group of marketing companies who agree to be above board, to have ethics, who put mission over money, to be grounded in biblical principles, and to treat others based on the biblical models represented in the Bible. Not all marketing companies that provide marketing services to pregnancy clinics are members of the PLMEC. Some marketing companies would not be approved for membership because they have poor standards when measured against the bar set by the PLMEC. 

For example, one prolife marketing company sued another pro-life marketing company and did not use the Biblical model for fixing a grievance. Some prolife marketing companies have demonstrated that they are money focused. 

Some marketing companies would not be approved because they have used and/or are using black hat tactics (ie. dishonest), such as fake reviews, and hidden text on a webpage, and tactics like this are designed to try and trick Google. The problem with trying to trick Google is twofold. One, it doesn’t have the value of integrity in play, and it’s not going to work longterm. It’s likely going to cause long-term damage.  Having integrity has long-term fruit. Using dishonest tactics will create problems that may not go away. If you think about Google, are they a group who is someone who can forget something, or do they have a database to help them remember? They definitely can remember, track, monitor, and measure, so trying to trick Google is not something that’s worth the potential short-term gains that could be found with black hat tactics. Black hat tactics are dangerous, and pregnancy clinics are so vital to our communities, and to our country, and to people who need help.

Pregnancy clinics are so vital to the unborn. In fact, pregnancy clinics are needed today. They were needed decades ago, and they’re going to be needed in decades to come. We need to consider how integrity and strategies that allow us to be effective long-term, not just today and in three months, but strategies that will help us be effective for five years, 10 years, and decades down the road because pregnancy clinics are solving a problem and a need that is ongoing. Unexpected pregnancy and people seeking abortion is a long-term problem, and pregnancy clinics are a long-term solution addressing that problem. So when you’re looking for a marketing company that has integrity, doesn’t use dangerous tactics, is not focused on money, and will sue other pro-life vendors, then consider someone on the Pro-Life Marketing Ethics Council. 

Consider one of the member companies when thinking about who to hire. The current members of the Pro-Life Marketing Ethics Council include, which is my favorite.  I can vouch for them because I’m the owner. Other members are Cornerstone Marketing Strategies, Fillalife Media, Life Advancement Group, and Stories Marketing.

There are currently five members of the PLMEC. Five members who have agreed to put a stake in the ground and say we’re not going to use certain tactics. We’re going to hold ourselves to a higher standard. We’re going to have ethics. We’re not going to do certain actions that would be unbiblical, and that do not follow a biblical model when it comes to resolving a disagreement. And we’re not going to use dishonest tactics that create problems down the road. We’re going to do our best to honor God, honor Jesus, and honor the Holy Spirit through practices that have complete integrity. has a core purpose and set of values that make it an ideal candidate to select as a pro-life website design firm. Their core purpose is to promote life and end abortion because they value life, especially the most vulnerable lives in the womb, where abortion is poised to destroy.  

When considering a prolife marketing firm, reviewing its values and mission would be reasonable.

Here is’s value statement for your consideration:

Promoting Life / Ending Abortion

We value all life – especially the most vulnerable lives in the womb where abortion is poised to destroy.  We will corporately work on ending abortion. (Abortion is the elective ending of an innocent unborn baby. Abortion does not include medically necessary treatments for ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, or any other life-of-the-mother situations.) We value stopping abortion on all fronts: ending access to abortion and ending tolerance for abortion.  We are committed to reaching and persuading people who are looking for abortion to find life-giving counselors at pregnancy clinics.


We are passionate about serving others.  I am glad to have the opportunity to support those who are serving others.  I value this excitement, interest, and desire to serve pregnancy clinics who are selflessly serving mothers and their unborn baby in peril.


I am an image bearer of the Creator of the universe.  I value being creative as a way to reflect the One who created me.  I value creative thoughts and creative pursuits to build creative marketing content in word, layout, imagery, video, strategy, and brainstorming.

Dual Wielding

I am engaging in work that is under spiritual attack.  So like Nehemiah, I value the protection of the full armor of God while working on pro-life marketing projects.


Mission over Money.  I value making good marketing tactics accessible to all pregnancy clinics through creative time-saving tactics and generosity.  People over Profit.

Authenticity / Truth

I desire to speak the truth without boasting.  I value data analysis and tracking to drive decision making – to grow stronger at reaching the desired audience.


I value my colleagues, clients, and other prolife vendors – as we are weaved together by our shared passion to defend life and end abortion.  I value sharing my best to help those around me on the same mission.  I value others sharing their best with me to collaborate and ultimately serve together.

Hebrews 10:24 reads, “And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds.”

Sometimes we spur, and sometimes we are spurred toward good ideas to reach our mission and engage in living out our values.

Looking at a pro-life marketing firm’s values will help you understand if it’s truly built from the ground up, from the leadership down, and from the team within to be your pro-life marketing design powerhouse that is fully built to be creative, to be spiritually armed, and to be prepared to take on this work that is so important.  So very, very important. 

Mission over money

Mission Over Money

Asking an organization for examples of how they have demonstrated their value of mission over money could easily demonstrate their priorities. Their priority of putting what God is calling them to do as more important than making dollars. 

Statement of Faith for Staff has had a 100% Christian staff for 23 years. We have had a team who had testimonies, who would pray with clients, and pray for clients. We’ve had a team who shared a story of redemption with Jesus. In 2023, we hired a team member by the name of Mohammed Munawar Ali, who is not a Christian, yet.

He worked for Google for two years, and now he works for us.
He’s really good at working with Google, Google Ads, and Google Analytics. So when we were first considering the idea of hiring Mo (Mohammed), I took several steps as the owner. I went to the pastors at my church, and I asked for advice. I went to pro-life leaders at a Heartbeat International Conference and at the Alliance for Life Missouri conference, and I asked for advice. I asked several people for their thoughts, and overwhelmingly, the response was, make sure that he aligns with your values, in other words, make sure that he’s pro-life and that he matches your other values as well, and consider it an opportunity to offer the gospel on a daily basis. So we made a policy, one non-Christian at a time. We have Mo on our team now, and until Mo gets saved or retires, quits, gets fired, or leaves, we won’t be bringing on another full-time non-Christian employee. Also, Mo is not able to hold a position of leadership or a management position. The goal with Mo is that he will get saved and that we don’t have a growing minority of unbelievers shifting the direction of our company, and at the same time, realizing that working on Google requires very specialized skills. Mo’s not the only person who works in the Google space, but he’s one of our champions in that space (part of our team that was approved / certified as a Google Partner). Having worked with Google on Google Ads for years has given him a tremendous skill set and stamina to be able to work in this difficult data-driven space. So Mo is excellent at his craft, and so we’re privileged to have him on our team. And while you’re reading this, if you would pray for Mo to meet Jesus, to accept Jesus, and to build a relationship with Jesus, that would be amazing. So Mo agreed to the value statement that has, however, he only agreed to half of the Apostles’ Creed.  

Here is the Apostle’s Creed that we are using:

The Apostle’s Creed

I believe in God,

the Father almighty,

Creator of heaven and earth,

and in Jesus Christ, his only Son, our Lord,

who was conceived by the Holy Spirit,

born of the Virgin Mary,

suffered under Pontius Pilate,

was crucified, died and was buried;

he descended into hell;

on the third day he rose again from the dead;

he ascended into heaven,

and is seated at the right hand of God the Father almighty;

from there he will come to judge the living and the dead.


I believe in the Holy Spirit,

the holy catholic (meaning universal) Church,

the communion of saints,

the forgiveness of sins,

the resurrection of the body,

and life everlasting.


Mo did not agree that Jesus is God come in the flesh. He did agree with some parts, but the most important part was Jesus being God come in the flesh. He did not agree. And so we have Mohammed on our team. We have nine full-time Christians, one non-Christian full-time, and we have nine freelance team members who are Christians.

That’s who we are.

And I think it’s important to realize that having a non-Christian in a managerial leadership role is different than having a single non-Christian staff member that is not eligible for manager or leadership roles. And so based on transparency, based on authenticity, based on truth, that’s where is when it comes to having a team of Christians plus one, plus one non-Christian.

And that’s the story of Mo at, 2023 to 2024. 2024 is a new year for us here, and that’s where we are as of today.

Website design is very important. Some would even say it’s critical, it’s essential. It’s what you build your content on. It’s what holds your content so that people can enjoy it. And the price of a website can be expensive. The price of a website can be outside of a price economics budget. So, for the last five years, has been offering every pregnancy clinic two amazing tools to make websites accessible.

Very Happy Prolife Pregnancy Clinic Director

Donation & Time Tools

It’s a grant-like offer. The two tools that uses are donation and time. Donation is an amount of money that will accept as a donation receipt. Let me try and rephrase that.  And I also will explain with a complete example. So let’s say someone needs a website. If you go with, it’s going to be $4,500 for a client site and $4,500 for a donor site. So if you need two websites, one client, one donor, $9,000. That’s what it’s going to cost. If you were to ask us for how much of a donation should you ask for, I would say, tell us the amount that you need so that your leadership team can sleep well at night. So that you don’t get anxiety when trying to fall asleep at night.

Tell us that number. Let’s just say your budget’s tight, you’ve expanded your building, you’re looking to hire a new medical director, and $9,000 is not something that you can pay for comfortably. So let’s say you could pay something, and you do need two websites, so you could ask us to donate $6,000.

And that would leave $3,000. So for the $6,000, we would accept a donation receipt to cover that portion of the $9,000 price tag for two sites. Then for the $3,000 left over, that’s when the time tool can be used. So we could say, for example, spread that out over 30 months. That would be $100 a month for 30 months, plus a $6,000 donation receipt. Now the $9,000 price tag has been fully covered. So through donation and time, has made all websites accessible to all clinics. Amazing websites are now accessible to amazing pregnancy clinics, regardless of the budget.

If your budget is tight, ask for the donation you need to make it work. If your budget’s not tight, we ask that you not abuse this offer, because we do have to pay payroll and expenses. And so far, pregnancy clinics have been amazing by not taking advantage of this offer when it’s not appropriate. But at the same time, we do want you to use it when it’s not needed. I would just simply summarize that concept as, ask what you need to make this work, and don’t ask what you want to make this work.  Focus on your need. 

And we don’t ask to see your bank statement or financial statements. We ask that you communicate the amount you need to be able to sleep well at night – to fall asleep without financial anxiety – to avoid financial stress when you’re trying to go to sleep and drift out into a nice, restful sleep. So that is the grant-like offer that has offered consistently to make websites accessible to pregnancy clinics who need them. So if you’re interested in exploring a new website, a new client website, a new donor website by a pro-life, Christian website design firm who has values, who has a mission to save lives by supporting and working with pregnancy clinics, if you’re looking for a marketing firm like this, contact, and we will take excellent care of you. And we will be honored to be on your team.