Where to Find Amazing Online Pro-life Volunteer Opportunities to Save Lives

If you’re reading this right now, You probably were looking to find a place, a way, an opportunity to volunteer to save lives, promote healing, and rescue those who are on their way to a slaughterhouse.

And so, I would like to say thank you for looking, and I hope this article will help encourage you into the various ways that you could be a hero. More of a hero than a Marvel comic book character, but to be a real hero who saves real lives with real work and real sacrifice of time and real sacrifice of talent and real sacrifice of resources.

Thank you for looking and I would like to encourage you to keep going as this is the work that God has called many to embrace, to do, and to complete


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who can volunteer online

Who can volunteer online?

If you have a desire to defend the right to life and save lives – you could volunteer online. You can also recruit others to be online hero volunteers and join the mission of protecting the sanctity of life.

You can volunteer to help online. We need all sorts of people.

We need a variety of skills

We need people who are good at prayer. We need people who are good at writing. We need people who enjoy design or enjoy podcasting and talking. We need people who are good in front of a camera and behind a camera. We need people who enjoy graphic animation, and we need people who are really good wordsmiths. People who can figure out which word to use in a way that will convey the desired meaning.

We also need people who will invite others to help.

We need so many people. There is a way for you to use your current talent and skills to get involved. There’s also a way for you to invite others and draw in others to use their talents gifts and skills to be involved.

And if by chance you don’t have the right talents or skills for doing the part of the work that you want to do, there’s training, there’s support, there’s empowerment, opportunities to come alongside someone else who is doing well, and who needs extra hands, extra feet, extra hours to make this work go faster, go further, and be more successful – more often.

We need a variety of skills. The skills that we need include people who like to talk, people who like to read, people who like to write, people who like to draw, people who like to design, people who like to strategize, people who have a heart for the mission. That’s the one part that we all have in common is that we have a heart for the mission. And then we have unique sets of talents that we can weave together to achieve the strategic set of tactics that will help us reach more women, save more lives, and intercept more people on the way to an abortion clinic so that the abortion clinic has fewer clients, less aborted babies, less harm being done.

Our goal is to pull people back from that terrible direction and into a healthy, blessed direction that’s inspired by prayer, by the Bible, by preaching by our heart and love for Jesus. Our goal is to rescue those who are headed in harm’s way. And we need people who are interested in volunteering and willing to be trained. 

And we need people who are interested in volunteering and willing to be trained

We need people. To train others and to be trained. We need people to be students and teachers. We need marketing experts and people who will become marketing experts and workers – in our team. We need a pro-life team that encompasses people in our churches, people in our communities, and people in our schools because we all have a vested interest in serving God and rescuing image-bearers of God and we need to grow the team.

We need to grow awareness of who pregnancy clinics are and this pro-life work they are in.

Pregnancy clinics are filled with epic heroes.

They’re right alongside firefighters, right alongside the policemen and our communities who are rescuing and saving people from dangerous situations. Pregnancy clinic workers should have capes. Pregnancy clinic workers don’t need a mask, but it would make sense as they are REAL HEROES. And they need catchphrases and slogans, just like Marvel heroes do. Because a pregnancy clinic worker is saving lives every minute, every day, every year, tirelessly. And the enemy is constantly lying about them, constantly trying to shut them down, passing laws to make them slower at helping women. Meanwhile, pregnancy clinic workers are on their knees, praying and working to save so many lives.

I want to encourage you to volunteer, to get involved, to come alongside this work, and to on the hero’s team, the pro-life team, God’s team – in God’s kingdom – working to rescue the innocent that are under attack.

What someone need to do to volunteer

What does someone need to do to volunteer?

There are a lot of different things that I could say about what someone needs to do to volunteer. I could talk about – how you need to have a set of values that align with saving lives, that align with serving Jesus, and align with pulling your help- your refreshment – from Jesus. I could say that and that would be true.

I could also say – what you would do would include listening to God for direction – work with people who are on the same mission, and work together as a team and that would also be true.

And I could also say, you need to find out what’s needed if we need more people to write content on this topic and that topic, and we also need people to help us get backlinks for this website and that website. And we need someone to craft a video on this concept and we need someone to create a hand-drawn sketch for this piece so that we can put it into this article. All of that is true and so I would say what you’re going to do is partially based on your gifting, what you’re good at, and what the team needs.  Let’s see where your skills/talent/opportunity matches the many needs that are present.

If you contact me, Jacob Barr, I will be glad to help plug you into what we need to do that aligns with your skills and talents. What you will do will depend on the puzzle piece that needs to be championed next, to save as many lives as possible, we need to work together on taking care of the pieces that need to be done. There are certain dominoes ahead of us that we need to knock over we need to check off these lists we need to crunch out the data and figure out what is going to be most beneficial for the next steps.

Based on all of that, we can plug you in and guide you to doing the work that’s going to be most helpful as a team, as a group, and as an organization that is on task towards reaching the mission of saving as many lives as possible, as a way of honoring and praising and serving God.

When can someone help

When can someone help?

You can literally do online work anytime. Yeah! Woohoo.

Working anytime allows you to volunteer at your convenience or when you’re available to contribute to the pro-life work that needs to be done.

On my team at irapture.com we have a colleague who works out of India and India is 12 and a half hours ahead of the time in Arizona – (where I am located). And we also have people in the Central Standard Time zone. We have people in EST and Pacific. All that to say is we don’t all work the same eight to five. We don’t all work Monday through Friday. If you’re available… If you’re available for as many hours as you’re available – during the week, we will be glad to work with you.

You don’t have to live in America to help contribute towards this work. We’ll be glad to work with you in a way that we don’t have to be working at the same time, or we will we’ll make a sacrifice and work with you when it’s convenient for you, or vice versa you can sacrifice, you know, and match our calendar as well.

All that to say is you can work when you’re available and when you want because that’s how internet-driven work works. The Internet does not sleep. The Internet is 24/7 365 and it’s always going. And the tools that we use to communicate with each other through the Internet, such as email, slack, and various tools. These tools will allow us to work on something and then pass a message to someone else, letting them respond when they’re available. And it’s amazing how we can work together without having to be in the same room, without having to be in the same city, without having to be in the same state, or even in the same country.

It does help to speak the same language. That’s pretty helpful.

But when it comes to when you can work anytime. That’s pretty awesome. You can work anytime. 

Where can someone volunteer from

Where can someone volunteer from?

You can also work from anywhere. You can work from your office or your home. You work from an RV, from a different country, from a different city.

You can work from where you are, and we will be glad to empower you – to meet you online with virtual meetings to answer questions, provide directions, collaborate on strategic directions, and what needs to happen for the strategy to be successful. You can work from where you are. We do need you to have internet access and we do need you to have a computer to do many things.

Who can trainempower me to do this work

Who can train/empower me to do this work?

iRapture.com can train you to do this work. My name is Jacob Barr. I’m the owner of irapture.com. I’m also the founder of Pro-life Ribbon and I will be glad to personally train you or connect you with the right person to empower you to help you get past any hurdle, any roadblock, any obstruction that’s keeping you from doing the work that will help us achieve the mission.

We can help provide access to absolutely amazing tools. We can provide feedback and help. We can show you the steps to do in the project – that you’re trying to accomplish. We can just walk you through the steps, record the meeting, and let you have a resource on how to do what you’re trying to do.

We empower people every day as we work with over 300 pregnancy clinics, and we empower volunteers and staff at these pregnancy clinics to be able to make website updates even when they didn’t have that understanding / skills before connecting with us – we help show them how to do it – walk them through it. We make it easy and simple. Our goal is to empower people that we work with so that as a group and as a team, we are more successful. We’re leaner. We’re able to save money, which allows us to do more, more often, with what we have.

In a nutshell, contact me and we will get you plugged in, trained, and empowered and help you connect with our team to save lives – as many lives as possible every day.

why this is important

Why is this so important?

In The Blues Brothers, they talked about being on a mission from God. Well in the pro-life world. For people who are part of our pro-life team, who work at iRapture.com, and who volunteer through ProLife Ribbon, we are on a real mission from God. This is not a Hollywood storyline, but rather a fact.

Through prayer, through Bible reading, through attending church, having community with God’s believers, believers in God. We have clear insight into the fact that God has called us into this work of rescuing those on the way to a slaughterhouse and to destruction.

We are trying to step in and get someone out of that dangerous vector, that dangerous direction, that dangerous pathway.

This work is so important because every single child in the womb is innocent. Every single child in the womb is an image bearer of God.

This is very important work, as every single mother, has value as she reflects God, as an image bearer of God.  Every single mother is at risk of having terrible trauma from abortion if she’s on that pathway to an abortion clinic.

Every single father in these situations is on a pathway toward having trauma and a disconnect from who he should be and who he is.

Abortion clinics are creating a complete mess of families – people in our society, moms, dads, and babies. And we need you to join our team to rescue those who are being attacked and targeted by Planned Parenthood and abortion clinics, ie. Satan, the devil / evil.

We need to put a stop to the evil being done and I know that evil exists in other places, but this is the evil that I feel called to answer. I feel called to provide rescue for those who are being targeted in this unique area and place. And I think this evil is important to stop. I think it is possible to stop this evil – one life at a time. We have proven that we’re able to successfully impact a huge number of people, who are being targeted and attacked by abortion clinic messaging and abortion clinic marketing.

What does someone need to do to volunteer

What does someone need to do to volunteer?

This is not a complete list of what you can do, but these are a few examples of ways that you could volunteer right now within the next hour.

Write a review for your local favorite pregnancy clinics.

You could write a review for your local pregnancy clinics. You could write something to the effect of “Here is my experience with the local pregnancy clinic” and describe your interaction – describe what it was like talking to someone on their team. Describe your personal experience with that pregnancy clinic and write the review on Google – write the review on Facebook and then Yelp, and maybe look for a few other places to write a review. But I would start first with Google, Yelp, and Facebook because these reviews have a major impact on how someone sees that pregnancy clinic.

The opposition is writing fake reviews about these pregnancy clinics, and so good reviews full of integrity, honesty, and written by real people with real accounts using their own words are needed. It’s important, and so I would like to ask that you write a review based on your real experience with that organization, and that’s a way that you can help right now.

Ask others to write a review for an amazing pregnancy clinic.

You could ask others to write a review for this amazing, pregnancy clinic that’s in your neighborhood, that’s in your community. Invite your church family to write a review. Invite your pastor to write a review. Invite your parents, your sister, your brother, your children, your neighbors. Invite them to have an experience at that pregnancy clinic – ask them to take a tour and then write a review. We’re not asking for fake reviews. We’re asking for your friends, family, neighbors, and community to be aware of that pregnancy clinic and to write a review and help squash / hide/cover fake reviews so that fake reviews don’t have a sizeable impact. If someone only has five reviews and someone writes a negative fake review, it has a big hit on that review rating. But if someone has 500+ real reviews and if someone writes a fake review, it’s not even going to show up as a little blip. It’s going to be completely overwhelmed by real reviews. 

Share a heroic story of a life saved on Facebook and Instagram

Think of yourself as a journalist. A journalist who lives in your neighborhood, who knows the people at the local pregnancy clinic, and is willing to write a story – a story of hope, healing, and rescue – that took place in your zip code.

If you talk to the team at the local pregnancy clinic and you capture a story of an anonymous client who had a real child and was delivered from a real terrible, devastating attack by an abortion clinic – that’s a story of God’s grace with God’s fingerprints on it.

And that’s a story worth writing, worth reading, and worth sharing as it echoes what God is doing in your community. So write the story. Write the story. Share it on Facebook. Make it available to people who don’t know where God is working in this area, and be a record keeper of God’s work. Be a record keeper of God’s miraculous touch in the lives of people who are in your circle and who live just down the street.

This is something you can do today, this week. And you can do it repeatedly to help bring awareness to what is happening.

Write a heroic story about a life saved – intercepted from the path to an abortion clinic

If you write a story about how a young woman was saved from a terrible accident – from a terrible mishap – from a terrible threat – from a terrorist organization – from a murderer – from a serial killer – from an organization that has made it their mission for 100 years to kill the most innocent among our community … if you write a story about how a hero intercepted and provided rescue and delivered that young woman and her baby to a safe place, to a healthy place, to a place where she could build a family, where she could thrive and have trauma averted, where she could be found whole and have her wounds mended, these are stories that you can write, that is taking place in your community and maybe your job is to write the story, to listen and make notes, to listen and write, to listen and capture that narrative, that can then inspire others to get involved.

Create good backlinks to a pregnancy clinic.

Another way that you could volunteer is to create good backlinks to pregnancy clinic websites. If you’re not sure what a backlink is, it’s just a link from one website to the website you’re trying to promote.

A backlink is like a vote of confidence. It’s a way for Google to measure who likes this pregnancy clinic website. Google may process, “Oh, I see that this website links to it. Oh, and this website links to it.” That helps Google understand the value of a website based on who links to it.

If you would like to work on creating backlinks, I will personally train you, empower you, and direct you on being impactful in this work and in this space. And I’ll show you how to measure the results and how to measure the impact that you’re having on a pregnancy clinic website.

I have a lot of websites that need backlink work so please, oh please contact me and I will be glad to partner with you on this heroic work that’s not much fun (yet it can be fun for those of us who enjoy this work) but has a huge impact on saving lives.

Create content for a pregnancy clinic.

Another area that pregnancy clinics need help with to better reach their audience is content for their websites.

They need content for the donor website, they need content for their client-facing website, and they need content for their community website, which they may not even have a community website yet.

They need content for these websites to better engage with these audiences and to better impact and influence these audiences in healthy, God-inspired ways.

If you’re interested in crafting content, I can help connect you with articles that need to be written. And then we can also bring alongside graphic designers, videographers, SEO Spanish translations, and medical experts to refine and polish that piece, making it stronger, and better, and we can then measure the results of that amazing work by seeing how much traffic are we able to collect and capture and how many people are we catching in this fishnet of content.

Contact me and I will help work with you on content creation work. I would be honored and glad to partner with more writers. We currently have a lot of writers and we need more.

measure success

How can we measure success?

There are several ways that we can measure success. It can be measured based on the tactics and strategy deployed to achieve the mission. However, some things are universal. Some numbers will always be impacted. Like, for example, were we able to accomplish the mission more often or able to accomplish the mission in a greater way than the previous months?

That would be true with all of these metrics.

Here are a few metrics that are sub-missions to achieve the greater mission, and some of these may seem obscure. You may not know what they are, but if you’re interested in learning more about them, you can contact me. Jacob Bar and I will be glad to connect and talk to you about any one of these ideas. 

This is not a complete list. This is simply a list that represents some that I consider worth tracking as helpful metrics for identifying success.

Domain authority

A website has a score based on how it compares with all of the websites on the Internet, and different companies will provide a score like this, such as ahrefs.comSEMRush.com, Google, and Moz. A domain authority score is like a summary number for how your website is doing when it comes to health when it comes to the amount of traffic going to it how much content it’s connecting on, and how many people are linking to it. And so we can look at domain authority as being one metric for how we can evaluate our work when it comes to building a website to be greater on the Internet to get more traffic, to reach more people to save more lives.


Measuring the number of high-quality backlinks is also a metric that can be helpful. If we get a backlink from a website that is trustworthy, relevant / on-topic, and it’s a do-follow backlink, then that is helpful for a website to get a bump in the right direction towards Google seeing it in a better position- for it to better compete with the opposition – abortion clinic websites. And so we can see how many backlinks a website has, what the quality is, how many domains are connecting, and what the relevance is of those backlinks. And we can measure this work, this portion of the SEO work, by measuring the number of quality, relevant backlinks as a way of understanding how we’re competing and how we’re postured to compete with abortion clinic websites and the competition websites.

Stories written

We can also measure the number of stories being crafted, and the number of stories that have championed certain phrases. There are so many phrases that pregnancy clinics are the champion of, and only a handful have been crafted well. When I say a handful, maybe it’s about 60 for some organizations, but there are so many more articles that need to be written for quality scores, traffic, and these quality metrics that Google looks at – to be stronger – to provide better pathways for us to reach more clients, more women, more people who are in desperate need of being aware that they have more options, that they have healthy options, that they are loved and someone is looking to care for them and to hear that Jesus loves them – they need to hear good things, positive things – they need to be encouraged by a medical community that takes their life and all the lives in the room as being worthy of care. It’s so important – and so having these stories written is key, and having more stories written is key. There are so many stories to write. And so the number of stories that get crafted is a metric that we can measure when it comes to accomplishing our goal of capturing, sharing, and growing traffic through story creation, through content marketing. In the same idea, we can measure the quality of these articles in regards to UX (the user’s experience), such as does the content piece convert someone into a client. Are they engaged with video imagery and design? There are multiple layers here.

Clicks and Website Visits

Looking at the number of times that someone clicks on your listing on Google is a way of measuring how successful we are at being listed, at being present, and being found through Google. Looking at the number of times that someone clicks on an ad, that someone clicks on an organic listing – that someone clicks on a local map result. – that someone clicks because they found you on Yelp. Because they found you on a directory – because they found you through Yahoo or Bing. All of these are metrics for how we can measure the pregnancy clinic’s ability to be present and on top (or near the top). When it comes to someone looking for help – when it comes to someone looking for an abortion clinic – when it comes to someone looking for abortion pill reversal – when it comes to someone looking for “How do I tell if I’m pregnant?” – when it comes to someone looking for “my parents are pushing me to have an abortion” – when it comes to someone looking for the truth on abortion and the truth that every woman is worthy of care and her baby is worthy of care.

Impressions and Keywords Covered

Measuring the number of times that a pregnancy clinic shows up on Google is possible using Google Search Console, Google Ads, and Google Analytics. There are ways to measure how often a website shows up in Google search results out of the number of times it’s available to show up. And so if a pregnancy clinic website shows up 49% of the time out of the impressions available, then that’s a way to measure our current status. However, if we’re only showing up 11 % of the time or under 10 % of the time, then that’s a different metric and that shows that there’s a great deal more work to be done to take on a better percentage when it comes to search phrases that we should be showing up for. And so there are a couple of considerations when it comes to impressions one, which keywords have we targeted that we need to be showing up for on Google, and how well are we doing on each of those keywords? When it comes to impressions and keywords, we can measure the number of impressions which keywords we’re showing up for, and how well we are showing up for each of those keywords. And so those are ways of measuring our success, or in many cases, what work still needs to be done. 

With the number of followers on Social Media

Another thing that we can measure is the number of followers on social media – the number of donors, prayer warriors, volunteers, friends, and pastors who are following our social media profiles to stay connected, encouraged, and inspired, to do more, to continue praying, to continue donating, to continue volunteering, to continue giving of their time, thoughts, resources, and investment. The number of people who follow you on social media is a metric that we can use to see how we’re doing when it comes to engaging with our community and friends.

With appointments created

Another way that we can measure the success of this work is with the number of appointments created by women who were at risk of choosing abortion – by women who were abortion minded or vulnerable to choosing abortion. We can measure our success based on the number of people in that audience group that we have reached in a way that created an appointment and who followed through and kept their appointment. And then we can also measure how many of those women changed their minds after seeing their baby on an ultrasound machine, after talking to a caring counselor, after getting help, after being offered respect, and after someone listened to them. We can measure how many success stories we have when it comes to the number of women who changed their minds about having an abortion and decided that life is better – because life is better and they agree – and see it – and the blinders from sin came off.

With Dedicated Volunteers Filled with Passion to Achieve the Mission

We can also measure our success by measuring how many dedicated volunteers we have on our team and if our team growing. Is our team exploding is our team full of passionate people who understand our mission and who are dedicated to serving – who are dedicated to the rescue – who are dedicated to stepping into the gap and providing the help, hope, and healing that someone needs by pointing towards Jesus for every problem that a woman/client may have, that’s driving her to think abortion’s her only choice.

With lives saved

We can also measure our success by the number of lives saved. This is a very sober number to consider, as the number of lives saved reflects the number of lives that were rescued from a terrible peril. It also represents those who may not have chosen life and were not rescued. Nonetheless, the number of lives saved is a number that we could look at to see the fruit of our work.

With the number of prayers being offered

We can measure the success of our work based on the number of people who are praying, and petitioning to God on behalf of the women who need help. Prayer cannot be overstated when it comes to the importance of prayer. Everything that a pregnancy clinic does – works when it’s covered in prayer and very often falls short when it’s not covered in prayer – this is so important and so critical to this work. The spiritual fight is real, the need for the armor of God is real. The need to be praying and the need for people on the team to be dedicated to prayer is epic and important, and we can measure our success when it comes to reaching more people when it comes to conveying this message of need. Do we have enough people praying?

The number of monthly donations

We can measure the success of this work, sometimes based on the number of monthly donations. If we’re working to reach more donors, more churches, more people, and more connections in our community explain the need and the impact with a call-to-action of donate monthly, donate generously.

The number of monthly donations is a reflection of our success. It’s a reflection of that work. 


When it comes to pro-life opportunities, do I need a degree to get involved?

Agreeing with the values and stateement of faith of the pregnancy clinic is the only requirement.  It is important to agree with the PRC values and hold a shared belief in Jesus as what we are doing reflects our faith in Jesus.

To get involved in the pro-life movement who should I contact to get started?

Click on “Contact Us” on the PRC website and fill out a form – call – email – visit the clinic during office hours and ask about where they need you.  Be willing to help with what they need that matches your gifts and talents.

If I want to host a fundraiser for  PRC, what is the first step?

Talk to the executive director to get plugged in to help in this area.  I think a converstion with the executive director is a good place to start.

If I want an in-person volunteer opportunity, what are my options?

Ask your local PRC if you may help at their next event.  And ask when their next volunteer training will be held.  Jump in and get started.  Look on their donor website for a volunteer form (for shwoing interest) – fill it out and follow up until you get to help/serve.

I want to pray to be empowered to volunteer online but I need help knowing how to pray.

Ask your pastor to pray with you.  Ask the team at the PRC to pray with you.  It can be hard to get started sometimes and it helps to pray with someone.

I am not sure how to start?

Prayer.  Start by praying – talking and listening to God.  Look for where God is leading you.  Talk to your pastors and elders at your church.  Talk with the leadership at the local PRCs.  God will provide direction.  You can also talk to me – Jacob at iRapture.com.