Google Ads Grant Opportunity

The Google Ads Grant Opportunity for Pregnancy Centers

What are Google Ad Grants?

Benefits to Google AdsEasy to understand benefits of a Google Ads Grant for a pregnancy center

The top benefit of the Google Ads grant for a pregnancy center is that it can provide a constant flow of the desired traffic. It allows a pregnancy clinic to reach women who are vulnerable for choosing abortion, who are on Google seeking help on abortion search queries to find a solution and hopefully your pregnancy clinic or a pregnancy clinic.  This is important because it helps your organization achieve its mission of saving lives by intercepting abortion-vulnerable clients from danger more often.  It allows us to reach those who are on their way to a slaughterhouse to receive grace, help, hope, healing, and restoration. It allows for abortion-vulnerable clients to be connected with, in order to get the information they really need, in order to make a decision that they’re going to find as a blessing and a benefit for the long term that goes beyond the short term concerns, the short term stress and crisis. 

Another very important top benefit of the Google Ads grant is that it is ongoing. It’s ten thousand dollars per month – every month. It’s $330 per day, every day, month after month, day after day, year after year. This is not a one time grant.  This is more of like a firehose of Google credits, of grant money, that can only that essentially can help you reach your audience. Now to be clear, this is not cash, this is a Google Ads grant made-up of Google dollars, Google credits. You can’t buy Mac and cheese with this grant.  You can’t pay salaries with these Google dollars. You can only pay for pay per click text ads.

Some search phrases do work better with a cash account compared to this grant account however, there are many phrases that do work well with the grant account. Some phrases are outside the reach of a cash account because they’re outside the budget of a cash account, and the competition is not at the highest level, where a grant account is very much needed to compete in certain spaces. A grant account is excellent at competing on expensive pools of traffic that are too rich for a cash account, such as phrases like ‘am I pregnant’, pregnancy signs, pregnancy symptoms, ‘how do I tell if I’m pregnant’ and ‘how soon can take a pregnancy test?’.  There are literally thousands actually more than a million phrases that could be helpful. But for the sake of this article, let’s just call it tens of thousands of phrases that we could actually target when it comes to phrases that we would like to show up for on Google that would be a way for us to intercept traffic that was otherwise going to an abortion clinic or to Planned Parenthood.

You are the firefighters, and we need to get you to the burning buildings to rescue people.  Let’s work on saving as many lives as possible as a way to serve Jesus.

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Eligibility for Getting Google Ads Grant

First of all, I would like to say that has a 100% success rate in helping 120+ pregnancy clinics get the Google Ads Grant.  So when it comes to being eligible, medical pregnancy clinics and pregnancy centers are both eligible.

The Google Ads grant is available for every five 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations that is not a school or a hospital. has been successful in helping every pregnancy clinic that wanted / needed to get the grant. is owned by Jacob Barr. Jacob Barr is also the founder of Pro-life Ribbon.  Pro Life Ribbon is our nonprofit marketing arm for helping promote amazing resources and tools to pregnancy clinics, so that’s the connection for this article being on pro-life Ribbon, but yet featuring’s resources and talent.

Which organizations are eligible to get the Google Ads Grant?

So going back to eligibility, your pregnancy clinic/center is eligible as long as you have an EIN number and you are listed on the IRS website.  That’s it.  We can help you get the grant. We’ve never come across a medical pregnancy clinic or non-medical pregnancy center as of yet that was not eligible. As long as you have an EIN number and you’re a legitimate 501c3 nonprofit, getting the grant is not a question – it’s more of a just matter of going through the steps to get the grant set up and then we have to work on your website content and create ads in order to start directing traffic to your website and bringing in new clients.

grant applicationWhat is the easiest way to apply for the Google Ads Grant?

So the easiest way to apply for the Google Ads grant is to have the team at help you with it. That’s really the easiest way. 

Several years ago, my family put together a cookbook and many people in my family submitted recipes. My Uncle Char submitted a very humorous recipe for Baked Alaska.   The recipe read, in order to make Baked Alaska, ask Forest Barr to go to a nice restaurant and order Baked Alaska.  Enjoy.  So I would like to use the Baked Alaskan dessert recipe suggestion here as the suggestion on how you get the Google Ads grant which is to contact and ask us to help you get it.  Let us leverage our experience with working on it – we have worked on Google Ads since 2011.  We have poured thousands of hours into our Google Ads work.  We currently have an employee who was previously employed by Google. We also work with someone who has been awarded as a top performing Google advertiser in all of the United States by Google.  We have helped drive millions of visitors to pregnancy clinic websites through this effort.  We have helped several organizations spend all 10,000 grant dollars per month.

We also have top level tools, top level writing talent, and just a plethora of experience in order to champion this space. We are on mission with you to save lives and it’s very important for us to be good at what we do because lives are on the line and so our goal is to do our absolute best. We start every morning with prayer.  We ask God for God’s blessing. We study our craft.  We work hard and we refine and review and look for opportunities to get better. All of that to say we would like to help you get your grant, use it, reach your mission, and grow and serve God together.

Based on’s stellar record with Google ads, has received recognition from Google by being approved as a Google Partner.  View recognized here on Google as a Google Certified Professional.

$10,000 Grant DollarsIs the Google Ad Grant $10,000?

The Google Ads grant is actually $330 per day, ten thousand dollars per month, a hundred and twenty thousand dollars per year, and 1.2 million dollars per decade. It’s ongoing. It’s not for a single month, it’s not for a single year. It’s an ongoing grant opportunity to get traffic to your pregnancy clinic. You may be wondering why would Google give away ten thousand dollars to a pro-life organization. And that’s because they’re giving away 10 thousand Google credits to every nonprofit organization that meets these criteria.

One reason why they may be giving away this ten thousand dollar per month grant is because it raises the price tag of other cash accounts that are advertising in the same spaces. And so Google is making a boatload more money by raising the price tag per click, by leveraging grants as a way of increasing competition, increasing bids and ultimately increasing the cost per click.

employment restriction

What about employment restrictions as part of the application process?

So many religious organizations, including pregnancy clinics, have been concerned about the checkbox that said, we do not discriminate in our hiring practices against certain people groups, such as people who promote LGBT values.  And that was a real concern. 

So we went to Google and we also went to NIFLA (National Institute of Family and Life Advocates) and we sought advice on how to get around this checkbox. We found a solution by working with Google and by working with NIFLA.  It was Google approved and NIFLA approved as a way of providing Google with information that says to the effect of we are a religious organization who has the right to hire people based on our beliefs.  

Hiring someone based on their beliefs is fundamental to a religious organization.   It is important to be able to hire someone based on what they believe and what they don’t believe and their values. A pregnancy clinic requires that based on the fact that they are in need of hiring people who believe certain things and who don’t believe certain things in order to provide the care that aligns with their mission and who they are as an organization based on their religiously grounded foundation/mission. 

And so we have a process where if you are concerned about this checkbox, we have a Google approved, NIFLA approved way of fixing this part of the application process. 

In recent years we haven’t heard as many people concerned with this piece. However, we still have this solution ready to go for those who are concerned about the employment agreement checkbox when it comes to the application process, so feel free to reach out and ask questions about this if this is part of your concern or if you have a concern in this area. 

mom and baby

What about Google restricting access to prolife orgs?

Isn’t Google a pro abortion / pro-choice company? So Google has been used as a tool by pro abortion authorities to reduce and restrict traffic going to pro-life pregnancy clinics. However, we are not deterred – we are here to fight. We are here to work hard, to be smart, wise, and to never give up – at saving lives that are important to save. And in the midst of a fight, we are not going to cower. We are not going to. We’re going to be wise and innocent at the same time and work hard to save these lives and there is still a big opportunity to reach those who are seeking help on google.

Google is currently the public square where people seek help. It used to be word of mouth as the primary way people find answers.  Today answers are primarily found on Google. And so it is important for us to be in this space, in this, on this platform, to be found as a solution when someone is seeking for help and guidance, or when they’re seeking for an abortion, they need better advice, healthier advice that will be life-giving, to them and their family and their future generations – as they are at the at a point where their future generations may be at risk of not-existing or of having an opportunity at life.  Life is important. 

All that to say is this is an important space for us to be in, even when it’s not friendly territory. We draw strength from the words in the Bible on how to posture ourselves while being in a spiritual battle with goals and objectives that we want to accomplish. Just like how Nehemiah went to go build a wall. And he didn’t just have building tools in one hand, he also had weapons of defense and offense in his other hand in order to fight off those who were looking to stop the build. So we are looking to use spiritual weapons for offense and defense while we’re using marketing tools to build up traffic and access to people who need your services and your help. 

Value of Ads

Are Google Ad Grants worth it?

Yes, they are worth it because it doesn’t break your bank account to get an ongoing flux of traffic. It allows us to amplify your content, amplify the reach that your content can have. Google Ads show up at the very top of a Google search result. And then after 10 organic search results, there might be more Google ads. And these Google ads do get clicked on in the ballpark of 10-15% of the time. And so by being in this Google ad space, we are going to be bringing in more traffic that you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. 

We can also build content for your website that’s one of our primary strategies is content creation, in order to cover the world of words that you deserve to be found on because you’re providing help, hope and healing in your area for women seeking help on phrases. And very often, most pregnancy clinic/center websites have a huge, vast sea of words that they don’t champion yet and they need to because they are the solution that someone needs to find.

We need to have content that will champion those phrases in order to drive in that traffic. That will result in lives being saved and your mission being accomplished and your donors, prayers and investment being satisfied with positive results, with answered prayer, with love and life being realized out of this effort. 

do I have google ads account

How do I know if I have a Google Ad Grant?

So if you don’t know if you have a grant or not, the easiest way to find out if you have one is to apply for one. So if you don’t know if you have a Google Ads grant account, then I would recommend applying because you will quickly find out if an account already exists as part of the application process. 

google worksHow does Google ad grant work?

The Google ad works by allowing you to advertise when someone does a Google search.  So if someone searches on the phrase “what are the top pregnancy symptoms” then your advertisement could show up as a text ad at the top or bottom of the search result page, so your ad would show up before the organics and/or after the organic search results. And then when someone clicks on your ad, instead of you having to pay cash or money or a credit card charge for that cost per click, that cost would be deducted from your grant account of $330 per day, ten thousand dollars per month. 

That credit is not real money it’s more like Monopoly money because you don’t get to spend it anywhere else. It also does not roll over.  The unused grant dollars do not rollover to a future day, you don’t get to spend extra the extra money on the next day.  You simply get 330 per day. 

How many campaigns, ad groups, and ads can you run with a Google Ads Grant account?

You can run as many as you want. You can run as many campaigns and as many ad groups as you want as long as they are driving traffic to the approved domain and use the appropriate parts of a Google Ads account based on what a grant account is allowed to run.  For exampl, you can’t advertise on Youtube with a grant account.  You can just run as many text ads as you want that fit within the $330 per day limit.

You can have up to 10 thousand keywords in an ad group, but I would recommend having closer to 12. You can have a full set of ads per ad group along with extensions. Essentially it’s a regular Google Ads account. While there is no credit card charge being run per month, it’s simply a credit that gets used. 

One of the rules that comes with a Google Ads grant account is that you’re not allowed to have any billing information in the billing sections you’re not allowed to have a credit card on file for that account that’s one of the rules. Grant accounts do come with several rules, and for people who work on grant accounts, they may seem hard to follow because their are so many rules.  For someone who does not work on grant ads accounts regularly, they will likely make mistakes based on the vast amount of rules.  The rules are over-whelming until you put in alot of time on grant accounts.

money question about google ads

My Google Ads grant account went over ten thousand dollars. 

A Google Ads grant account can go above $330 per day but on overage the limit is pretty closes to $330 per day.   Some months have 31 days which allows the grant to go beyond the $10,000 limit.  In the end, it comes out to being about 10 thousand per month. 

Several years ago, if someone spent all ten thousand dollars per month consistently for at least three months consectively, there was an offer for someone to have a higher level ads grant account and that would allow someone to have thirty thousand dollars per month to spend. However, Google has not offered that again in the last several years. However, I would still recommend working to spend all 10 thousand grant dollars per month consistently so that you’re eligible for when an offer like that does come up again if it does. 

no problem


Extremely low traffic to new Google Ads grant account. 

So when a Google Ads Grant account is set up, there are several factors that will determine how it will spend. One is the website, the website’s quality score, the domain authority score, the website conten and the user experience on the website. These sorts of metrics will play into whether or not Google’s going to send traffic through the grant to your website through the Google Ads grant account. So you need to have a high quality website with high quality content with lots of good quality backlinks and a high quality Google ad setup for the Google Ads grant account to work well and you also need to be advertising in a place where there’s plenty of people/population in order to have enough people that are searching on the phrases that you’re advertising on for your grant to actually spend and bring in lots of good traffic. 


Google ad grants versus regular cash based Google ads accounts.

The main difference between cash versus grant is that the cash accounts get less quality metric filters because when Google is getting paid cash, they like cash quite a bit and they will let traffic flow through in order to get the money to flow through with it. When Google is covering an account with their grant, they’re not getting paid anything and so they put the user as top priority.  The user’s experience and the quality of the set up is the top priority all based on the user having a positive experience with Google. You should make sure that your content is top notch. The user experience, the user interface, the website, the authority scores a lot of the same metrics that show up with organic strategies will also help with the Google Ads Grant setup/work.

Google frustrates

Setting up Google Ads grants is driving me insane. 

So here at we’ve had several people work on Google ads. One of them was my wife Heather, and she did an incredible job, but at the same time, it was very hard as the work produced a lot of anxiety – it was stressful. Working with Google is not easy. And so here at we have someone who used to work at Google for years as part of our team when it comes to working with Google Ads and Google Work. And so we essentially have high caliber people who are built to work in this space. You can’t just have anyone work on a Google Ads campaign and expect it to be OK. It’ll give some people serious anxiety and some people will find it very overwhelming. There are lots of rules. But on the other side, when someone works on it all the time and they enjoy it and they flourish .  When someone is passionate about this work, it’s it changes everything – I mean it turns this work into an amazing experience where it’s enjoyable.  It is awesome to see the fruit of this work and it’s important to have the right person on the job, someone who loves it, who’s good at it and is passionate about your mission being reached. 

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Google Ads for Heros 

We have a heart for pregnancy clinics (which are often labeled as crisis pregnancy centers). We really care about providing for those who they’re serving, for those who are seeking abortion care (not really knowing what abotion care truly is) but who really need pregnancy resources and truly healthy life giving reproductive health information. Our goal is to use digital marketing to help reach those who are seeking abortion clinics / abortion care through a Google search. Our goal is to use an ad grant, a Google ad, to reach those seeking help on search engines. A search engine provides a window for us to reach someone seeking information on reproductive health information / reproductive rights. The opposition has labeled crisis pregnancy centers as anti-abortion centers and pregnancy centers are completely against the harm created by abortion (at an abortion clinic often found with google ads abortion) and we are promoting life and health and good things.

The help provided by a crisis pregnancy center for when someone google abortion, is nothing short of heroic – amazing – life giving and worthy of being honored by God as it aligns with what God has asked us to do.