The ProLife Team Podcast 155 | Pedro Diaz-Rubin

Hear about the connection between Revelation 12 and prolife work.


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Ok, so I’m going to give a talk on Revelations 12, but before that I am we’re going to explore what today represents today’s the day is March twenty fifth, the day of the incarnation, the day that Jesus took became an unborn baby in the woman Mary so we’re going to explore those Bible passages, are going to lead us into what old, what Revelation 12 is talking about, and then we’re going to see how evil was created from that image of a pregnant woman in heaven and what are the ramifications of it.

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So Pedro, I’m excited to have you on the Pro-life Team Podcast. Would you introduce yourself as if you were speaking to a small room full of executive directors of Crazy Clinics?

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My name is Pedro Diaz Ravine and I been involved with pro-life many years ago i used to praying for an abortion clinics and I’m promoting one of my main work now in the prime movement is to promote the awareness of the incarnation. So that’s what I picked today, March twenty fifth, to be the day on the interview because it’s exactly 9 months before Christmas oK, March twenty fifth christmas is december twenty, fifth exactly nine. Months, so today around twenty two thousand and, twenty four years. Ago OK, Gabriel visit Mary this day and Jesus the important child jesus was conceiving Mary’s womb by the by the power of the Holy Spirit. Ok, So what I want to do right now, I want to go into that passage i’m going to, I’m not Roman Catholic, but I’m going to use the King James Bible because most of the audiences is Protestant or evangelical. So I would use the King James Bible just to be fair. Ok with you. Ok So what we’re going to do right now we’re going to read this passage what’s happened today from King James Bible on Luke one twenty six to 38 OK, so I’m going to do this right now. Ok Luke one twenty six thirty eight one twenty six and the sixth month the Angel Gabriel was sent from God into a city of Galilee named Nazareth to a virgin spouse to a man who was named was Joseph of the House of David and the virgin’s name was Mary so this happened today around 20, exactly 2024 years ago, plus minus whatever error years are there. And the and the Angel came into her and say hell, do our high favor. The Lord is with thee, blessed are doing adult women. And when she saw him, she was in trouble at this great saying and casting her mind. What manner of salutation this should be, because she’s very humble, you know, Why is an Angel coming and grimy like that, you know. And the Angel said unto her, Fear not, for thou has found favor with God, and behold, thou shalt conceiving thy womb, and brings for a son, and shall call his name Jesus. How pro like can that be? You know, the baby in the womb? How pro like that can be? And then, and let’s go to Luke 32 He shall be great, and shall be called the son of the highest. And the Lord God shall give him the throne of his father David, and he shall reign over the House of Jacob Forever. And his Kingdom shall be no end. Ok, so basically what we are here is the concept the most Christian Christianity needs to absorb the was an unborn baby Jesus. What does that mean? That every baby in the womb is made in the image and likeness to Jesus and the womb. Ok, so life is sacred because the divine being Jesus, God, and the second Person of the Trinity, the Son took our form. And I raised humanity above the angels in grace, not in, not in spiritual quality, but in grace. You know, the union of God to humanity is so strong that he took our form. Ok, so that has a lot of implications. Ok, So another passage i want to read this from Luke. I just want to read Luke forty two one forty two because this is very important, Interesting what’s going on here. This is when Mary the Gabriel tells Mary that Elizabeth is pregnant to, but she’s on her third trimester. Ok, so Mary on her first trimester runs to the mountains of Heron too, because she now she is her relative. So she wants to help her. She knows that she’s going to need help for that, for giving birth to John the Baptist. Ok, so she runs to the mountains of errands and Elizabeth greets her. And let me start with Luke 41 And it came to pass that Elizabeth heard the salivation of Mary and the babe leaped in her womb. Can you imagine little John the Baptist leaping in the womb? He knows that in the other womb is the first trimester, Jesus. Ok, this is third trimester john knows that in the womb his first trimester Jesus in Mary’s One. So he does his very first preaching of Jesus. This is the very first president of Jesus by one of his followers. He leaps in the womb. He knows the divine being is there it’s so beautiful. And Elisa it was filled with the Holy Spirit the Holy Ghost and say and she spoke out with a loud voice and say blessed are you among women and blesses the fruit of that womb because after it is Jesus our Lord. Ok, so now I want to read from Genesis three fourteen fifteen and 15 oK, this is after Anna and is seen why Anna and is are tempted because the devil wants to stop Jesus bird for a reason and we’ll go to good that in gervelations 12 So he tells in Genesis three fourteen fifteen God is going to punish the serpent for having attended and an Eve and the Lord said unto the serpent.

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Genesis what was it again? Genesis 3.

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14 just in the Genesis three fourteen and fifteen.

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Ok perfect.

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And the Lord God said unto the serpent, Because thou hath on this do our curse above all the cadon, and above every beast of the field, upon the belly shall we go, And thou shall do it the days of the other life. And I will put an enmity between thee and the woman, and between her seed, and between thy seed and her seed, it shall bruise thy head, and thou shall bruise his heel. So basically, God put an enmity between a woman and her seed and the serpent, the devil and his seed. Ok, the devil cannot have children the devil cannot create incarnation, but he can create followers oK, He can convince people to worship him and the seed of the woman is Jesus, basically. Ok there between Jesus and his followers, because we are, in one way, we’re spiritual brothers of Jesus. All right, so I’m going to jump to Isaiah 10, 1114 because all this is going to take us into revelation strong. What happened here is Isaiah is going to be confronted by people around him other kings, but the God is talking to Isaiah and then he asked Isaiah ask thee a sign of the Lord thy God. Oh sorry, because this is Isaiah 1011 and through 14, OK, 11 through 14. Moreover the Lord spoke again to and to a has saying ask the assign and this is this word is very important because it’s going to keep appearing.

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He said Isaiah 1011 through 14, is that right?

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Yes, yes. Ok so word sign woman is going to keep appearing all over oK, as the assign of the Lord thy God ask it either in the death or in the highest above means what it means is as a very profound revelation from the Lord. But they have.

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The wrong passage i don’t see it in Isaiah ten eleven.

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14 oh.

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I’m sorry, Isaiah 11. Is that what you meant?

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You know what, I have a type of 10 to 14 and try that Isaiah 1010 to 14.

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Isaiah 10, oh ten oh that’s it perfect ten you got it.

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Whatever the Lord spoke again to has saying as the sign OK, that word sign the Lord thy God as either in the depths or in the high above. But it has start becoming humble here but it has say I don’t know as neither I will tempt the Lord. But then he gets the answer. God is going to give him the answer and he say heard you now or has today. It is a small thing for you to worry man, but you will also worry my God also. Therefore I think this is Isaiah talking to him if I know wrong, therefore the Lord himself shall give you the sign. So he’s getting the sign anyway you know, behold, a virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and she will call his name Emmanuel, which means God is with us. So what he’s saying, if you want to find the Messiah, you need to look for the virgin first, which is going to give a birth and that is like, well, how can a virgin give birth? It has to be a virgin, and she had to give birth. Well, we know from Luke back by the Holy Spirit, OK, but back then, Luke hasn’t been written yet. Ok, so they’re trying to like scratching their head how can a virgin give a child? But did you find the virgin, You find the child. And remember in the prolite movement you can’t have a baby without the mother we a lot of times we forget about the mother because both they both get hurt the baby and the mother hurts life spiritual thing. So we had to take care of both.

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Ok, so Pedro, it’s Isaiah seven fourteen that’s the verse you’re referring to.

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Oh, and seven. Here, let me maybe I have a type. My apologies. No worries i see i see is 7 still 10.

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It’s Isaiah seven fourteen says, Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign behold, a virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Emmanuel.

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Beautiful OK, all right. But is this still Isaiah chapter 10?

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That was, I think it’s seven, Chapter 7.

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Ok, it’s that Chapter 7 must have a typo and I apologize. So and so it’s Chapter 7. Is that 10 to 14 then Chapter seven ten to fourteen i just want to be.

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I think it’s 10 to, yeah, 10 to 14 or 10 to 17. That’s the sign of Emmanuel.

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10 to 14 OK, it’s Chapter 7. All right. So now let’s continue. So the Book of Revelation, let’s go into the book of relations because that’s what we’re going to be talking about revelations talk. So what’s going on in the book of Revelations? Well, on the 1st chapter, as a vision, John, tell us of the vision of the Son of Man. And then chapters 2 and three, they’re letters that got these letters to the seven churches of Asia, the very first missionary work of the Christians they have already established 7 different Christian colonies there and so chapter two and three are letters sent to them and then from chapter 4 and all there’s the court in heaven and the lamb Jesus is represented as the Lamb of God and it describes the core and they say that the world ended because this happened and this happened. Ok, and it goes all the way then it goes through 7 trumpets, 7 angels with seven different trumpets, and each Angel is blowing a trumpet and something happened. But what the angels that I’m going to be focusing on this talk Are this the six and the seven Angel? Ok so I’m going to go into Revelations nine one. Ok And the feet Angel sounded and he saw and I saw a star fall from the heaven into the earth and to him was given the kiss of the boneless pit. Now this remind us of Luke 1018 when Jesus tells them and he say to the unto them I hail Satan as the lightning fall from heaven. Ok, so Revelations nine one is connecting to Jesus when on Luke ten. Eight OK, the devil just came from heaven it came from heaven for every. And so Revelations troll is going to explain that. So we’re going to go more in there. But in those days on Revelations 10, seven, now I’m going to jump from nine one to ten seven that’s the sixth Angel and he’s declaring but in the days of the voices of the seven Angel, when it shall be beginning, the sound some means the trumpet you know, the mystery of God should be finished, as he had declared to his servants the prophets. Ok, so which prophet remember Isaiah, It’s a virgin and she’s with Cha. Ok, So by the time the seven Angel blows his trumpet, the mystery of God should be finished, as he had declared to his servant the prophets. Ok. Before we move forward, what is an arc? We need to go down because we’re going to go into the ARC concept. An arc is a container and it’s very important to understand that the covenant, that the arc, the arc is not the covenant is inside the arc. Ok, now the arc was very well Revere because it contained the covenant, but the covenant was inside the art was just a container inside the ark of the colony. What we have well the stab of Aaron, the 10 commandments, the manna from heaven that was kept inside the ark. And the art was remember it was transferred from Bethlehem all the way to Jerusalem when the temple was finished by King Solomon. You can read that on one King eight one three. Eleven all right, so let’s move into Revelations 11 and I’m going to go to the very last part of Revelations 11 when the seven Angel blows his trumpet. Ok Revelations eleven fifteen through nineteen eleven fifteen through nineteen and the seven angels sounded, and there were great voices in heaven saying, the Kingdom of his world are becoming the Kingdom our Lord and his Christ, and he shall reign forever and ever. And for the 20 elders which sat before God under seeds fell upon their faces, and worship God, saying, We give be thanks, O Lord Almighty, which art and art and convince because do has taken to thee thy great power and hash reign. And the nations were angry and thy word is the word is come, and the time of the day that they should be judged, and thus shall give rewards into the servants than the prophets and the Saints. And then the fear that I named small and great and shoulders destroyed them, which destroyed the earth. Ok, so we had this process of judgment and salvation are coming because something else happened before, and now God is going to explain what happened before. Ok. And then God’s temple, and then the temple of God was open in heaven, and they were seen in the temple, the ark of his testament. And there were lightnings and voices and thundering and an earthquake and a Gray hell so now, so we jump from that scene of the worshipping of God in heaven and Christ has strong, you know, basically they’re happy in heaven, but now we’re going to explain what happened for Jesus to come and redeem the world. And the temple of God was open, while the temple in heaven is God himself so when the temple opens, it means God is revealing. That’s what it’s called revelation is revealing something to us and it’s revealing something about the Ark of the Testament. But right after that we get thunderous and lighting and voices in heaven what in the world is going to heaven? Ok, so Revelation 12 follows next and we need to know that the titles of the Bible were added after the Bible was written. Ok, so look did I mean John did not put titles. I mean it was just a big continuous flow. So Revelation 12 flow, the story flows from 11. The title was added just to make it more easy to read and because focusing in it starts focusing into another direction. But it’s going to explain us revelations 12 is going to explain us why did we having thunderous and lighting in heaven what’s going on why so? Why not the angels having such a commotion? Ok, Revelations 12 one and two, and there appear a great wonder in heaven. Now wonder is another word for sign remember I told you the word sign or wonder? Like in heaven, a woman cloud with the sun and the moon under her feet, an upper head, a crown of 12 stars. And she being with shall cried, travelling in bird and painted be the liver. So we had a woman and then God puts the whole nature like there’s the sun, the moon and the stars but this woman is important. Ok, this woman is important why? Because she’s pregnant. Remember what Isaiah told us? The sign of the Emmanuel is a pregnant virgin. It’s a virgin that is pregnant so are we talking about the same sign here? Is this the pregnant virgin? Or let’s continue Revelations 1234 and there appear another wandering heaven, And behold a great dragon having seven heads and 10 horns and seven crowns upon their head, And he still draw a third of the stars of heaven, and it cast them to the air. And the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered for to the bar her chow, as soon it was born. So what’s going on here what’s a dragon doing in heaven? And the answer is it’s becoming the dragon. So what’s going on here? This chapter is not about the end i mean, there’s a lot of chapters in Revelation about the end of the world, but this particular chapter 12 is the beginning of history. It’s why everything else happened, OK? It’s explaining what happened why do we need it to be redeemed. So at this in this chapter God is presenting to the angels an image of Mary in the future pregnant with a child. And this is the reaction the angels have. Some of the angels got to this image. Especially the dragon the devil, he was one of the highest angels i think he was a seraph if I don’t understand and basically he said no, wait wait, wait, I’m not going to take that the second person of eternity is going to take the human form inside a woman’s womb because in his mind God is decreasing into a lower level of existence and he get jealous because he said why did this God not taking my list i think it’s the seraphic form he should be taking my seraphic form not a human form. That’s where he reveals that’s where we got a drowning heaven. Ok is he’s becoming the dragon. He’s when he was created God and show him this revelation about the second person in the Trinity in the future and he’s revealing against this image and his tail draw a pharaoh the stars that means he convinced 1 fair of the angels that God went crazy and they said I will be your God. Ok, so that’s what the thunders and the earthquakes of Revelation 11, the last verses of Revelation 11, mean. There was commotion in here. There was, there was arguments going back and forth. Ok, so Revelation two oh five, tell us more about the woman and the child. And she brought for a man, child who has to rule all the nations with a rod of iron. And her child was cut off to God and to his throne. So who is this child this is Jesus it’s Jesus. So who’s the woman it’s the mother of Jesus mary. So the revelation is about Mary giving birth, about going back to Luke, chapter one, when Gabriel versus Mary and tell her you’re going to be the mother of Jesus. And she was, Whoa, who am I? You know, what am I? And she’s a homo woman who am I just for an Angel to come and tell me this, But the whole secret of salvation is about humility. It’s about humility are you humble enough to accept Jesus as your Lord and savior are you homo to know? And he’s asking the devil you’re humble to know that I’m going to take the human form know your form. Can you accept that? If the devil have accepted that it will have passed a test of humility and he will be the greatest Angel in heaven but he his he had a free will for a for a snap, and that free will put him in the other side. He got jealous and that’s what jealousy does to people we become more like him when we need to be more humble, like Jesus, you know. Ok, so Revelations twelve six And the woman fled into the dwellness where it had a place prepared of God that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and three score days. So the woman is taken into the Wallace remember the story of Mary and Joseph. I have the I brought this statue here for a purpose. I found this beautiful statue. You look at that mary’s pregnant she has the womb. Ok so this is what it’s talking about. The woman was taken into the desert because Herod, tempted by Satan, wants to destroy the child Jesus. Satan doesn’t want God to take the human form he wants to destroy the bird of Jesus. Stop it and he tends Herod. Hey, you need to stop that. You need to stop it. Otherwise he’s going to take your kinship away. That’s the temptation. That’s where he tells the wise men. As soon as you find that child, let me know where he is because I want to go Revere him revere him. Ok, but that’s not true. He wants to kill the baby that’s what Joseph has this the Angel Gabriel telling him, hey, take the woman and the child and get away from here. Erin wants to kill the baby. So they take the donkey and go for the desert, OK? And they hide in Egypt what according to Revelations 12 is for three thousand and two hundred and three score days. At score day I understand is the 20 days so three score days will be 60. So from the Marion Western dictionary 3 score means 60 I got I just get it from there and if you multiply do divide one hundred and sixty days by three hundred and sixty five days you get about 3 and a half years there are three and a half years in hiding according to Revelations 12. So what happened next? And there was in heaven. So we go back to the beginning of time because the woman was taken to the desert in the future, right? But now we go back to the beginning of time and there was a word in heaven when Michael and his angels, When Michael and his angels fought against the dragon and the dragon for and his and his angels and prevailed not neither was there place for anymore in heaven. And the great dragon was cast out of old serpent. Now it’s connected to the serpent of Genesis oK, it’s called dragon, or serpent called the devil and Satan, which deceived the whole world. He was cast out into the air, and his angels were cast out with him. And that connects back to Jesus i saw him fall like a shooting star from heaven you know and so this is this is when the devil comes to error like a shooting star to try to stop the bearer, Jesus to destroy humanity. Ok so important points here michael Archangel michael Archangel. The word michael L means who is like God. That’s his name he became because he he’s from the lower cast of angels. But he stood in front of the devil and the war in heaven had no weapons these are spirits oK, so how do spirits find heaven through arguments. Very strong arguments. God went crazy. He should not be taking the human, for no God is fine. He’s OK. So the winning argument was who is like God? Who How can we call it still him? He’s the infinite being and we’re not infinite like him. So in the devil, that was the winning argument. So Michael became the eternal question. Who is like God that’s what we call him Michael L who is like God so the devil goes to her and what else he does first he goes to tenth Eve because she has the womb that’s going to be birth to the whole of humanity and Mary’s going to be born from that womb generations in the future. So he was to destroy humanity and he his achievement is to is to corrupt the human soul with the original sin. Ok but he has a point there unfortunately. But God is smarter than the devil. God is infinite and even humanity got corrupted he can be born of a woman and he did he was born from Mary. Ok revelations to our back to let’s go to relations 10. And I hear a loud voice saying in heaven now it consolation and strength and the Kingdom are God and the power of his Christ. For the accusers, our bread and is cast down which accused them before our God day and ice cast down to earth is no longer in heaven. Ok so and this goes back to remember Revelations 11 they’re pressing God. This goes all these people, the 12 elders, the four creatures around the throne, they’re all the angels they’re all placing God. We the devil has been defeated in heaven and they overcame him by the blood of the lamb about crucifix here for a reason because that’s where the blood of the lamb is coming from. Jesus becomes the Paschal long when He’s crucified, and He’s crucified on the face of the feast of where the Jewish people were celebrating the Paschal lamb. Ok, but it’s interesting that his crucifixion in the future according to this passage. And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, His crucifixion in the future, and the graces for Michael his angels to defeat the devil in the past, at the beginning of time in heaven. So the graces or the cross. The graces of Jesus and the cross, the graces of His sacrifice, transcendence, time and space. They go to the past to help people in the past, and they going to the present and the future. Ok, so they over even angels get graces to overcome the devil in heaven, by the blood of the land and by the word of their testimony. And they love not their unto their lives unto the dead now the testimony is another word for witness. Testimony means the witness of Christ the martyrs. Martyrs is another word for witness. Martyrs means witness, but witness of Christ. So can the graces of people that die for Christ are also collected. Those good needs, those graces, no He can do with them but we were not worshipping a selfish God we’re selfish we’re worshipping a very self giving God that wants to share his Kingdom with us and he delegates he doesn’t need to delegate, but he delegates so he says OK, you die for me i’m going to get your graces and connected with mine your graces alone will not do anything because they’re you’re not an infinite being but with my graces together, together we’ll breach the father and appease the father for me. So that’s what And they that’s what that means by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony and they love not their lives unto death they witness for Christ, They die for him. Therefore rejoice you, heavens and Jed, that dwell in them. What to the inhabitants of the earth and of the sea? For the devil is coming down unto you having Great War because he knows that he had bought a short time. Because we’re in the timeline, he can only operate so much until the end of time. So let’s go to Revelations 1213 and 14. And then the dragon saw that he was cast onto the air. He persecuted the woman which brought for the man child. This is when he turns herald. You need to stop that bird, go get all the first born of Israel and kill them. Otherwise they’re going to take your Kingdom, OK? Because that’s what the star of Beckland meant that a king was born and Herod was not from the line of David. He was from Arabia he was put from the lands of Arabia. He was put there by the Romans. He was not. Or the line of David. He was a false king and he knows that king of the line of David is born i need to stop this king, you know, that’s how the devil tend him. And then the dragon said that he was cast into the air and he persecuted the woman which was brought the men shot and the women were given. So we’re repeating what we heard before. And the women were given 2 wings of a great eagle that she might fly into the walnuts, into the place where she was nourished for a time and time and times and a half a time from the face of the serpent. So the wings of the Eagles. We mean an Angel. Go send an Angel who Gabriel he sent Gabriel to Joseph. Hey, take the woman and the child into the desert. Take her. Because Harold wants to get rid of the child. Ok so that so that’s a time and time so have a time well it’s the 3 and a half years is talking about. Ok. They wanted to Egypt thank you. It’s just giving the same amount of time in a different measure just to make sure that you get it right. Ok, Revelations 15 and the And the serpent cast out his mouth, water and flood after the woman that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood. So that means he’s talking against Jesus and the woman and try to stop the birth you know 10 people against them and their help the woman and the air open her mouth and swallow of the flood which if dragon cast out of his mouth. So the Christians come to the rescue basically they the followers of Christ you know that’s proclaim the world and the drone was war with a woman and war to make war with the remaining of her seed which keeps the commandments of God. I had testimony of Jesus Christ so we keep the commanders of Christ and we had testimony we bear witness his testimony We are the children of the woman spiritual children OK we’re spiritual children of the woman and spiritual brothers to Jesus basically. So that’s what revelations tell us. Now remember, the woman is the ark is a container in this story. So the ark is not a command the woman is not a covenant mary is not a covenant. Jesus is a covenant the baby unborn Jesus in the womb, that’s a covenant. But the woman is like the ark. What is the new ark of covenant is the ark described in heaven? Revelations 11 say God opens his doors, the temple in heaven and you can see the ark in heaven and then there’s commotion and it’s Revelations 11 explains what the arc is it’s a woman. She’s standing on the moon dressed with the sun crowned with 12 stars i think it’s the 12 apostles around her that’s what it means like because they took care of her when Jesus died and but she’s with child. Ok, now she’s the ark she’s not the covenant she’s just the ark. But like the Ark of the covenant, we Revere the woman because a people Revere the container or the covenant that’s a way we will Revere her. Ok, not to be confused with worship we worship the covenant. We worship Jesus. We Revere his mother. And this is what Revelations So what are the impacts of Revelations 12 on today abortion. Revelations 12 is a manifestation of the ordeal that’s going on the abortion clinics. The dragon goes for to the woman to eat the child as soon as he’s born to destroy the child. So abortion is like a man. It’s it’s like a repeat of what happened with the dragon Herod Jesus that can heal Michael and Gabriel is the whole ordeal again. They’re going after, but this time they’re going after a human being. You know they’re not going after Jesus, they’re going after a human being because why? Because Jesus was born already he triumph on the cross. He earned our salvation thought that every single baby in the womb reminds the devil of the day he lost his salvation because he lost his salvation on Revelations 12 when he saw the image of a pregnant women. How interesting you know it was the image of a pregnant women that make the devil he would not accept God making a humble form. He should take his form. He should be the son of God no or the brother of God, not humanity. You follow me so it’s very Revelations 12 the incarnation and Luke and it’s so deep rooted into the prolite movement it’s the cause of what we have, a prolite movement, OK. Every baby in the womb reminds him of the day he lost his salvation and abortion has become his sacrifice. Ok, now I’m not telling you everybody that goes to abortion clinic and every and is sacrificing to the devil and they’re confused and they need prayer and repentance. But it should not be that way. The life is sacred because Jesus took our human form life human life became secret. It’s like King Midas and the Greek king is a mythology never happened but the Greeks. Used to tell the story that whatever King Midas touch became gold. Well, God is like King Midas, OK? Whatever he touches becomes sacred. And he touched humanity by taking our form and human life becomes sacred. That’s why we don’t abort it. That’s why we respect it, OK it’s a sacred thing that just happened. Whether it was done the right way or not. God did a sacred act he created a human being he put a soul in the little baby. Ok, so we that’s why that’s why we protect the unborn, because otherwise we’re promoting the sacrifice of Satan or destroying humanity in the womb that’s his most favorite sacrifice. And you can ask a lot of people that have come out of the Church of Satan, they can witness that for you like mister king you know that when they asked him when the Wizards of the Church of Satan, they asked him for a very special magic they had to perform that is not very easy obtainable. They can’t they had to perform an abortion. You know it’s has become there is sacrifice and that’s not that’s not right. Ok. So we need to pray for them because they’re so confused. You know they’re so confused and we need to pray for a lot of abortions are the majority are done by ignorance nobody by that and does The baby goes to the devil when they sacrifice in No, the baby doesn’t go to the devil it’s innocent. But the parents and the people involved can go there if they don’t repent and they should know how happened in the 1st place. You know you’re in the grace of Jesus. You don’t go to an abortion clinic to abort a baby. You’re going to abortion clinic to abort a baby. You have follower of grace because you’re not taking into consideration that baby, no matter how I came to being, he’s not guilty. He just here by accident whatever it is, no, it’s by the will of God he decided that baby for a reason. Maybe to make the couple more responsible, OK and maybe that baby is going to be the reason that the couple is going to earn their grace by unknown by becoming self giving to the racing of that baby you know by becoming more humble more. Ok, now God is very God is very merciful when people, even the worst criminal can go to heaven either repent and believe in Jesus. But it should not be that way. And that’s the message to the public is not what God wants. Ok, so that we conclude our Revelations 12 top and endure wow it’s.

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So yeah, so Pedro, would you, would you share about comparing God versus in comparison to angels and humans when it comes to both on like the spiritual rankings as well as when it comes to yeah, I guess having limited time or also matter for the physical realm.

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Yes, this is a very interesting and you can read Thomas Aquinas on this too he run on it and sing Thomas Aquinas basically what we can let’s do very simple geometrical concepts. Let’s imagine God is a straight line, and the definition of a string line in geometry is it doesn’t have a beginning and it doesn’t have an end. It’s just a line with an arrow on the right and an arrow on the left pointing to no beginning, no end. So God is the only being that has no beginning and no end. Ok. And it’s the only being that exists in three persons we exist in one person. He exists in three, and he always existed in three. So Jesus was, is and will be always OK, because God is a side time. He always been a three person spirit. Ok, the second person to the human form so that the second person has a body like we do. Ok, all right. So angels are like half infinities, like they have a beginning, the Word created, but they don’t have an end so it’s like a ray, you know, it’s like one point here where it begins and it goes forever and it goes to it’s like an arrow that points for Infinity so there is spiritual in the sense that they don’t have bodies that’s when in Revelations 2, when they’re to unders and quakes, that commotion in heaven did not happen with weapons. There’s no, there’s spirits. It was more like arguments. You know, spirits are intellectual. What makes the spirit is they can answer the question why? You can answer the question why you belong to the spiritual world. Ok, so why because it needs a little bit of reason. You need to reason. Yeah to be able to answer that question. Animals don’t do that. Ok, well, we’ll go there. Ok. People are like angels. We have a beginning, but we have a little segment that ends. But after this segment in another dimension becomes a ray. Ok. So in this world, we’re a segment, We have a beginning and we were born, live and die it’s like a segment. It’s a beginning, a dot line and A dot, but this dot is connected to a ray in either hopefully heaven nor hell. Ok. It has the beginning and it will going to live forever we’re going to become an array like the angels. Ok, the beginning and now there’s a difference between angels and people. Angels are spiritual people who are both spiritual and matter were different from angels oK now we’ll go we’re going to classification angels later but let’s do first where is people on this. So this God, he’s the creator. He’s the only creator, being angels. There are pure spiritual beings and there are different types of angels and then humans we’re in the middle. We’re in the middle between two worlds. We’re actually caught between 2 dimensions where our body is material or brains, everything material so that it belongs to this universe. But our soul is spiritual. It belongs to the other universe. Now we’re blind to the other universe because of original sin. Well, hopefully when we die and we go to heaven, we’ll be able to see that dimension that we’re blind of the dimension of the soul. Everlasting life, hopefully everlasting happiness and damnation oK, so you. We’re the only being in creation that belongs to two worlds, to the spiritual world and the and the material world and we belong to the spiritual world because with through our soul we’re able to answer the question why we can’t do reasoning. Animals have souls, but they’re not spiritual souls. They’re more mother than spirit in one way, and they can answer questions like what they do. They can answer questions like who? When, you know what, when, OK like when you feed a dog, he knows what you’re feeding him. He knows. He kind of knows when, because he will come to you don’t and move the tail, you know, kind to feed me. So they can perceive what, when, where. They can answer those questions in the map, but they will never ever answer the question why. They don’t know why you’re feeling there. They don’t know why they’re here. They don’t know what they’re eating because that requires a spirit, a spiritual soul, to be able to answer those questions that is a higher level of intellect, OK. And then and so animals just you just go down into the into the material world and then you have rocks and I mean plants have souls but they’re leaves evolved and animals have souls that can sense. Plants have souls that well they have locomotion that’s what I mean they can control locomotion. Plants can sense too so but plants, most of the plants don’t have locomotion so there’s they’re more primitive souls. Ok so the souls they have everything that has life, is alive, has a soul. But from humans of the soul is called the spirit. From animals that it’s not. It’s a soul, but it’s not a spirit. And then you have the mineral world has no soul. You know the metals, the rocks, whatever. Ok, angels and from the Bible you can and it’s classification has been made i cannot give you the second chapters, but I can tell you the Bible has at least nine types of angels and they’re reclassified as in groups of three and three. Ok. And the three highest angels are the syrups, the cherubs and the Thrones. And these angels are always described to be worshipping the Father, worshipping that’s what they were created eternal, eternal. There I had to be careful because God is the infinite being but they’re always praised that they were created to praise God forever and ever from the beginning of the creation to everyone there. That’s their the mission in heaven and they press it with the love that all angels in heaven. Their love flows out their self giving their humble OK, angels in hell they’re the opposite they’re like you can compare angels in heaven like stars reading in light but this is reading in love. Ok we need to be more like them. They once in hell, they do radiate love, but it falls back on them. And that’s called selfishness. It’s like a black hole, you know, a star radius light a black hole absorbs all the light that’s what is dark, You know, Angels are like black holes. They absorb the love to themselves. They don’t love each other, they only love themselves. So hell is not a nice place. And for the people that worship the devil, please. It’s going to be a place where the level only loves himself, and you love yourself, but you’re not loving the devil the level is not loving you. So he’s not going to give you what he promised, and he gives you what you promise. You’re going to regret it because it’s not going to be good for you. It’s not going. It’s going. It’s not going to do you well there anyway. Then there’s three more angels. Then dominions the powers and the virtues. And these angels do a flaw. They come and go. They’re working for the Holy Spirit. So if you have a Trinity, Father, Son, I will put the Holy Spirit in between because the Holy Spirit is basically the flaw of the love from the Father to the Son and back to the Father is the flow, is the love of the Father has for the Son and the Son has for the Father that law has become a person by itself and that is the Holy Spirit is like, it’s like the particle that goes from one place to another, you know. It takes the love. The grace is where all the graces come from the Holy Spirit is the flow. So if it sends dominions, virtues and powers to help us, you know, OK and so can the Holy Spirit do without the dominions virtuous and powers yes. But it’s not a selfish God he delegates, He already created his creatures. He’s no one to have him like doing nothing in heaven. It’s going to Kevin is going to be very visible with me because God Dell like this you do this, you do that. He’s in charge. The Son has three angels assigned to him too. And these are the principalities, the archangels and angels and not to confuse the principalities, Jesus means about the devil’s principalities. Because remember 1/3 of the angels went to hell and that took from every single cast Angels went to hell including principalities but there are good principalities. They remain 1/3 of the principalities went to hell to thirsty in heaven. So by when I say principalities I mean the ones that stay behind in heaven, the ones that did not question God OK the ones that assert Jesus. Principalities are assigned to countries and large groups, churches too. Ok, Archangels are assigned to people that have special missions and groups that have special missions and angels are assigned to individual people. Each person has a guardian Angel. So they come angels like Jesus. As these three angels, principalities, archangels and angels they come to our world the way Jesus, Not the way Jesus came to our world, but they come to our world because they’re serving Jesus that came to our world. Ok. And they’re serving by being our guardian angels, the guardian angels of groups, the guardian angels of by churches I mean the temples and the guardian the people, the guardian the guardian Angel of the Church of Jesus basically the church we the church, the guardian Angel of countries. Those are the principalities, OK. They’re higher than because it has more people in the group and that’s it so Father is Seraphin Cherus and trons worshipping him forever the Holy Spirit that sends dominions virtuous and powers and delegates then to come and give us strength and Jesus delegates, principalities, the good ones, the good archangels, and the angels. Ok, that help.

56:33 :

That does, That does help that’s so rich of insight and wisdom. So I actually did an interview with Zachary King a few weeks ago and i don’t know how I’m going to be able to publish it only because it was so disturbing, the stories that he was sharing it’s going to be hard to publish because it’s so dark and traumatic and I don’t know how I’m going to do that exactly yeah, I think I might publish it in a way that will ask someone to opt in to seeing it, more so than just publishing it where it shows up on someone’s feed i need to get more counsel on how to do that in a way that’s not going to cost people trauma, Because it was just, it was the darkest thing I’ve ever heard and I don’t want to just put that out there.

57:24 :

The other side, so he was on the other side he was a wisdom of the Church of Satan and he repented, He repented and Jesus is his savior. So that’s why we have that knowledge now and yes it’s very dark what’s going on the other side. So either we Beli, we belong, we’re the people of light, we belong to Jesus, or we’re the people of darkness and belong to the dragon and the people of the darkness, They don’t trust each other they control each other, they manipulate each other. They back. What is it? Blackmail each other. And some people can’t get out because of the blackmailing that’s going on. And when you belong to Jesus, death is not there. There’s no blackmailing, there’s no controlling, there’s it’s you are free to choose to follow Jesus. To be good, to follow is it’s like inside you there’s a constant fight that everyone wants to get you this way, but God wants to get you the other way. But it’s up to you to decide which way you’re going to go because you had a free will and choose Jesus. Ok, choose Jesus choose OK, I I’m dealing with this problem with this scene, so I’m going to try i know it’s going to take time this is it’s addicted since get addicted and so and I know it’s going to take time but I’m going to pray to our Lord and to help me to get out of this problem whatever it is whatever you’re dealing with whatever scene recurrence over and over help me conquer this scene Lord Jesus and then you had you just had to trust and trust Jesus I trust indeed Jesus I trust indeed Jesus I trust indeed until you start really trusting him so that will detach you from sin. Ok and you don’t want to offend him anymore because of your sin he’s hanging on that cross. You know those sins is what put those nails in that cross. So I don’t want to put nails on him. I want to take them away by doing good deeds and following doing the 10 commandments. Following his new commandment remember he gave us another commandment a new commandment I gave you. I love each other as I love you love thy neighbor as you sell. Ok. Even your enemies, we had to love them and we had to pray for them, but we can’t hate heaven. Is the universe. There’s no hate. Hate won’t go into heaven so you’re hating something you need to stop now, because that doesn’t fit there. It’s not that universe was not created for hate. It was created for radiating law, radiating, forgiveness, radiating. So we had to be more like angels. Hell is a place of hate. Hate is an act of selfishness it’s the universe of selfishness. Do you want to end there? No let’s surrender ourselves to the Lord and do we need does we need to keep on fighting every single day because every single day the little guy was from down there wants us to fall out of the way. So that’s what we need to keep on doing an effort every day, every day pray to Jesus. A good prayer that I recommend is some. I think it’s some everyone. If you read Sound 91 every day, it’s very powerful. It’s Sound 91 let me make sure I’ve got it right. It’s the one the growth egos wins from. And if you read it, it’s very powerful and it will help you remind what the Lord promised to those that try hard to be with him. He who dwell in the sacred place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of all the Almighty. I will say the Lord he’s my refuge and my fortress, my God. And when my will trust that’s number one. Jesus I trust indeed. Ok. Surely he shall deliver thee from the snares of the of the Faller, and for the noisome pestilence he shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shall do shall thou trust. His trust shall be their shell and buckler. Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by the night, nor the arrow that flies by day, nor the pestilence that wacketh in the darkness, nor the destruction of the West westest and non day sorry, the King James Bible has my own English and remember my best a thousand shall fall at that side, and 10 thousands at the right hand, but it shall not come nigh to be, because you’re trusting Jesus oK, Only with the eyes shall though behold and see and reward the wicked. Only with an eye shall do, behold and see the reward the reward of the wicked is not be going to be a reward, it’s going to be a punishment. That’s what it means, because thou has made the Lord, which is my refuge, even in the Most High thy habitation make Jesus your refuge, your habitation, and you’ll be fine. You know there shall there shall no be evil befall thee, neither shall any plaque on Knighted Dwelling, For he shall give his angels charge over thee. Wow, how awesome is that? Ok to keep thee in all his ways, they shall bear thee up in their hands. Let’s do it That thy foot against the stone. So you fall because you trip. They will, they will help you from falling, you know when you get hurt. And those shall tread upon the lion, and either the young lion and the dragon shall trample on their feet. So you will. You will have power even over the devil the dragon did you did you get close to Jesus and bear witness for him and follow his commandments? That’s the 10 commandments of the law. And Jesus commandment love each other as he loves. Ok, and he continues but this is a beautiful prayer. Son 91 recommended to pray you can pray that every day to remind you how God will protect you when you get close to him, you know, because sometimes we’re praising. It’s a beautiful King David was. He wrote all these songs. It was King David’s Yeah. He was very inspired when he wrote his songs.

01:04:49 :

Yeah and that one part you mentioned about the reward of the wicked that makes me think of like the wages of sin is death. So like, you know, the payment or the wages which would be like a reward for. Yeah, it’s hardly makes sense. Yeah, it’s very cool well, so pedro, I really appreciate your thoughts and time. What Before we wrap things up, do you have any final thoughts that you’d like to share that you know, we’re a pricey clinic director or pro-life friends? You know what might be an encouragement to them or what might you like to share that we haven’t had time to share on quite yet?

01:05:25 :

Yes, I do. I do. But what’s the right word? I do recommend that for light movement, especially the christians polite Christians to dwell on Jesus and the woman Mary. Ok, the womb is a holy place because Jesus was in the womb. And the more people, the more young girls dwell in these, the more young male, young boys and girls, teenagers dwell on these. I’m pretty sure there will be less abortions because we’re connecting the divine with the human. I mean, humanity is no divine and we don’t deserve Jesus to take the womb to be born he could actually have could have opened a dimensional door and jump into our world, but that would not make him fully human. He decided the Holy Spirit put the DNA that Mary needed to produce the unborn Jesus and he went through all the phases of development in the world. So even the single cell Jesus, the very first cell, it’s divine, you know, and the very self first cell, human cell, it’s made an image and likeness to that cell so we do not destroy it we let it go through the course of developing in the wound all nine months. Ok. So we’re like nine months from Christmas i would recommend every 20 feet of the month starting today is the day we celebrate the Gabriel visit Mary on April twenty fifth. Dwell on Jesus and the woman Mary on his first month on the on the on April May twenty fifth, and so on during the first trimester, then the second trimester, then the third trimester. What was Jesus development and the womb during those trimesters it’s the same development the babies go through. Ok, so every instant in the womb is a reflection of Jesus in the womb. Remember that abandoned history divide heaven which side are you on? Ok, Are you on the side of protecting human life from conception to death, natural death, or you on the side of destroying life for selfish purposes? Ok, so I recommend every 20 feet of the mount from here to Christmas on meditate on what’s going on in inside Mary’s womb during those months, and wildlife is precious. Ok, can I refer to a website?

01:08:27 :


01:08:28 :

Yeah, OK, I have a website put on a website you want to visit. It’s called Unborn OK And you are welcome to visit and I’ve just put it for the whole purpose of promoting awareness to the Incarnation. I mean, I’m Roman Catholic and you’re going to find a lot of Catholic material there and I had to be sincere. But Jesus is for everybody. The unborn Jesus was incarnated for all Christianity and I believe this is what’s going to bring us together. It’s going to make us one once we yeah that’s because the what’s going on in the womb was abortion is destroying our society. It’s what’s getting us more the more abortions we do, the more the society as a whole gets away from God. So we need we need to repent as a society and bring the society back to God. Ok, back to the first. The first manifestation of God was in the womb. Well sorry on the second person of the Trinity because God manifested himself before as a burning Bush. Ok, but the first manifestation of the second Trinity among us when he received his body was in the womb. How pro like and the way OK.

01:10:06 :

Wow, thank you, Pedro. Would you close out our podcast with a prayer with the with the hope that those who are listening will join you here on the, you know, on the twenty fifth of some future month as we are here we are in March on the twenty fifth.

01:10:25 :

Definitely Lord Jesus Christ and we let’s pray to the first person Lord our Father our Father that we pray that we’ve all become one through your son Jesus Christ. Especially because he decided to enter our world through the womb in a very dead most very humble way. The infinite God, your infinite Son. God took a cocoon, a human cocoon body, and limit himself for temporarily in time and space to be with us, to be one of us, to be our brother, to raise us among and the angels in grace to join us back in heaven, to restore what the devil did at the Garden of Eden when he separated humanity on the first sin. Lord Jesus Christ, lead us in this battle against the devil, lead us in this battle against human life that we will be able to protect. Help people away from the evil back to you and promote the dignity of life as long as we live.

01:12:06 :

Amen amen. Before we close up, I want to just share i went to a Prairie tree recently and one of the things that God really well directed me towards was how I believe, you know, people in the pro-life movement are being called to take a stand against bullies really you know, the demonic forces that are trying to oppress and hurt those who are vulnerable and whether they’re unborn or born. And I, you know, I truly believe that we’re being called to follow in the footsteps of David and stand up as you know stand up against a large Goliath or bullies that come in different forms and just wanted yeah and I think that this is, you know the unborn are miraculous and it’s when God first touched humanity and yeah and he, you know completed prophecies into the, you know with that prophecy being completed in the past and in the future and in the present when through Jesus and I just think it’s important for us to stand up to those, you know, to this fight against the demonic or the devil and these the evil of abortion it’s important to stand up for the unborn and the born in these places of attack.

01:13:40 :

Definitely, definitely. What is very recommended is when you go to pray. There’s some people assigned to the counselors to reach out but you, but it’s very recommended to have a group of prayer there too.

01:14:04 :

Pray oh, for sidewalk counseling?

01:14:06 :

Yeah right yeah i understand when there are people are praying in front. Inside there’s a lot of commotion there’s like described on Revelations 11 thunders and air quiz going inside the clinic like people started getting their conscience working. When people pray outside and you get a lot of good things happening inside that you’re not aware of and the people repenting they decide not to Maybe the abortion didn’t work out and the baby was born. You never know what happened but definitely reach out with the counselors but pray yeah, have a prayer group. So my website I’m born in I’m about everybody to visit it and I have prayers there. A prayer booklet to be prayed that honors Jesus in a womb and it’s basically a Bible verse and a little meditation is made in the in a format of 14 different event and then you do the Bible verse and then the meditation and it’s asking to pray our father in… and do the meditate, do the reading, the meditation and our father go to the next station, see do the fourteenth station so it takes you through the whole mystery starts with the Revelations 12. This is what happened in Revelations 12. And then you go through the whole life of Jesus from the Incarnation and the moment of the Annunciation, the birth of John the Baptist, the birth of Jesus, the first trimester of Jesus in the womb, the second and the meditations are what’s going on during those trimesters in the womb of Mary. And then the last event is the Nativity, so that you’ll find that under devotion and then prayer material. There’s a lot of interesting material. There’s videos from witnesses for life in what they wrote. Some people from the heart because they have an abortion and they repented and they wrote a little test witnesses there or you have a video from Norma McCormick. You know, i did a special page for her because it’s called empty playgrounds. So you’re going to the section Witnesses for Life, Empty playgrounds. That’s normal mccorry’s page. I sent her an email maybe long time ago and said I would like to put you on your born Jesus website. Why would you tell me a story about your conversion and she went into the empty playground story that after she her clinic was revealed that they were doing fake abortions they were telling women they were having abortions when they were not having abortions and they were charging them the money and they were pretending to do an abortion hire. So when that became public and it went into the media and she’s told for the first time, God, get rid of this pro lifers but that’s the first time she mentioned the word God in years. And then she went into an empty playground she found herself an empty playground she was trying to figure out what was going on. And then she realized that she there’s no children playing on the playground why? And she. And then she started crying. I killed him. I aborted because she was after winning the Roe versus Wade case and she never had abortion by the way they put her in charge of an abortion clinic. I don’t know people were Norma McCormick. That’s Roe and Roe versus Wade she was in charge of abortion clinic for many years before she compares it back to Christianity and but what started conversation was Operation Rescue was praying and try to reach out her and after being exposed of the lies and they were doing pretending abortions and charging and women for that. She went to an empty place in the park trying to figure herself out and that’s when she got her first conversion say I killed these babies that’s why they’re not playing here in the playground. And then she started crying for the first time and then the next thing she does is she has Opereski on rescue you need to Get Me Out of here. Ok and that was the first step towards his operation and so I have a beautiful simulation of the empty playground with beautiful music on the background you know and her story. So it’s the website is it’s very nice it’s a proclamation or the incarnation it’s a proclamation of what happened in Mary’s womb. It’s Jesus coming out of the womb to you know, to all of you. It’s like we need to it’s everything is biblical i just read it to you oK. So all this is coming from scripture and I just want all of you to develop a love for the baby in the womb because Jesus was in the womb too. And that baby is a little reflection of the love of God and it’s a reflection of what happened in Mary’s womb this is like it’s reflecting. It’s reminding you that Jesus took that form because he loved us so much. He became one of us.

01:20:26 :

Wow, that’s so rich.

01:20:28 :

To rescue, to rescue from what the devil did to Adam and Eve and the rest and the original scene that everybody inherits to rescue us, bring us back.

01:20:40 :

Wow thank you, Pedro. I really appreciate your insight and just, yeah, your heart for well, just your how you’re reflecting the Bible and Jesus and your insights, it’s really good to hear.

01:20:57 :

And I’ll be pray for all of you, and I ask everybody to pray for me, OK?

01:21:03 :