The ProLife Team Podcast 153 | Rachel Owen

Hear about the Infinite Worth 24/7 nurse chat tool from Rachel Owen.


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So, so Rachel, I’m excited to have you on the pro-life Team Podcast. Would you introduce yourself as if you were speaking to a small group of pregnancy clinic directors?

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Well, my name is Rachel Owen, and I’ve actually was a director for over 15 years of several clinics in the Midwest. I am now the CEO of Infinite Worth, which is a twenty four seven nurse chat line, which has been so much fun. Like it’s a dream come true, just a lot of fun wrapping around center directors and loving them well and serving them well. And so and then also, you know, I’ve, let’s see, I have six kids. I live on a farm in the Midwest with my precious high school sweetheart we’ve been married now almost 29 years this summer and we this on this little farm, you know, we mostly just raise children and their pets. So that’s what we do on the farm it’s not too intense, but that gives us enough time to really pursue a lot of our passions, which is pro-life and just sewing into other lives and catching women before they head to the abortion clinic. So that’s what we’re really passionate about here in my home and when I say it’s our heart and our ministry, it really is it’s it takes a joint effort between a husband and a wife to make a pro-life ministry roll and rock and all that good stuff. So that’s what we do.

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Wow, awesome. Well, and before we get started, what’s what are you currently growing at your farm i’m trying to remember you mentioned it last time I talked to you several months ago.

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Yeah oh, I am passionate about garlic, so don’t get me started on that. Yeah, OK.

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Ok, we’ll start on it then awesome. So for those who don’t know, can you describe what the twenty four seven nurse chat provided by Infinite Worth looks like? Or what that experience is or someone who comes and sees it on a website.

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Yeah, yeah so this is, this is so much fun to talk about i get really excited about this, you know, almost as excited as garlic. But the thing that happens on the nurse chat is that it is designed to really pull in that Gen Z the ones we’re missing, the ones that over the last few years we have been as center directors like wondering why our numbers are going down or wondering why they we have so many no shows. It’s because the generation that’s here we need to tweak and target a little bit better. And so that’s really where this came out of you know Brandon Monahan from Heritage House and hopes sink and bright course had approached me i was helping do a little bit of just copy and not too much is helping with some scripts and stuff And then when we met, he’s like, hey, I think you need to come and run this program for me. And when I saw what it could do to help bring in that, Gen zI got super excited. We at our center, we’re already doing and had been doing for a long time 24 hour answering the phones and not only chatting and doing texting but also 24 hours and having it done by our nursing staff which is a bit much. Don’t tell them that the normal pregnancy center doesn’t do that. I might have alluded that everybody does so, but when we when we started doing that we saw just a the fruit was real like we were catching those ones in the middle of the night we were catching that Gen z and keeping that appointment. And so this is what got me excited about Infinite Worth and also the partnership with Hoaxing. So if you don’t know what the Hope Sink platform is, Hope Sink is this beautiful platform that Brandon designed to really be used in the pregnancy center counseling room to send literature via text to really go into this next generation you know, the generation we have right now to read a piece of paper, especially when it’s filled with words is not something they like to do they really spend 6 hours a day watching 2 minute videos. And so the content and really their love language or their particular language is not pamphlets and Flyers and so having something targeted to them on their phone that you can email them was real and so that’s what Hopes Inc provided for centers, a way for them to text them some really beautiful researched information that was correct and full of love, right, just the truth and love. And so that was being done and then we coupled Infinite Worth with this beautiful platform and what it has created is we have 24 hour nurses that are available to answer these chats. What we do is we take a widget, it’s a little widget and it goes on to the center’s website. We partner with them we learn all about who they are, what they do, how to schedule into their schedulers. And then when Gen. Za young person or an older person that likes to text walks through their website, they see that widget and it pulls them in and it creates a more effective website to grab on to that young woman who’s considering an abortion when it says right there, hey chat with the nurse live twenty four seven or hey, have questions about abortion, we can answer those now or questions about an unplanned print, whatever it is that fits that center and all of that can be tailored to each center. So what happens is and then the nurses answer those chats and what we have found is that it’s been incredible i mean I can’t even tell you Jacob, it was literally blew us out of the water. We thought we would have lots of time we thought our nurses we even had things for our nurses to do in the meantime while we were growing the chat and guess what it totally blew up on us it was three times more effective than we thought it would be in pulling in that abortion vulnerable minded woman. And then what happens is that she chats with them and she talked to them about the need for an ultrasound before they have an abortion she starts to relate with them and we call it actually in our digital bedside manner training we call it the pre appointment relationship and we’ve had some really incredible stats that have built we’ve only been doing this, Jacob, like 11 months now, 11 months so next month will be in April we will be a year old. Our nurses have chatted with 23,000 thousand women in the 11 months. Isn’t that crazy? It’s been.

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Amazing it is it is just amazing and we are partnered now at this point i think as of today, we’re partnered with 160 centers that we have partnered with and as we partner with each center, our nurses learn that center, they get to tailor the scripts for that center we put in all the resources from the area to that particular center so that we so that our nurses are informed on what’s happening in that center. And then we just customer service we love on that center well, we connect with them now. There have been, since we have literally been building this plane as we’re flying it, we have learned a lot in the first few months it was a little bit rocky, like learning the landscape and adding to the program just the basic programming things and we’ve been able to turn this into a lean, sweet baby saving machine it’s just been so much fun to partner with the centers and to really become one with them. We become an extension of the center, which is exciting to me because not only do well, I know the intensity of running a center, it’s a lot of work and it’s sometimes really hard, Jacob, to find the staff you need and to find the nursing staff you need if you’re medical and if you’re not medical, you know it’s hard to keep them and just life is hard and spiritual warfare and everything that goes on with being a director. Directors are really incredible people i honor them i want to serve them well because it’s not your average person that can be a director Jacob they literally wear like 10 job description hats you know they just they have their different breed all together and the only reason i say the fuel that they that they run on is just pure Holy Spirit there’s just no other way of a person without the Holy Spirit could do that job because it is such an intense job.

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So and this when you say you know this chat, this widget that goes on to a website, it’s different than other chat widgets that someone may have used in the past, like live chats or one of these other chats or even pure chat these different chat widgets where you know someone chatting via computer, where is this one is chatting this one connects the person to their phone and chats via SMS. The way that people chat every day via SMS text messages and what’s amazing about that and one of my favorite parts of this experience that your group has crafted here is that those text messages are there in their history. So in 30 hours or in, you know, down the road, later on, she can go back and months and find that chat thread and respond, look at previous links. She can copy the text and forward it to a friend. This is really amazing whereas a normal chat experience on a website is on that website and once it’s over, you can request a copy but who does? And then it’s gone whereas this has longevity and my understanding is that every Cransey clinic website needs this connection, this piece like this is a universally amazing idea. Can’t see a reason not to have it, honestly i mean this is. And also, can you speak a little bit about how your group pairs up with someone’s existing team who would like to handle chat stream business hours and what that might look like when there’s a flight covering their area?

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Absolutely well, my goodness, I think we need to hire you as our publicist you know, you need to be out there selling this.

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Well, no, it’s we’re all on the same team.

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I mean.

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I like to sell good ideas to the team.

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Yes, I love it well, SMS is gold it really is gold. I mean it creates such a great environment because as you know SMS gets answered, we’re sometimes other forms of communication don’t get answered today, right, like emails don’t get answered or even on an app or platform you have to log in and all of that this has the highest rate of answer and so that’s what we need engagement, right. And that’s been incredible plus what it gives us is that continuity of care, right. So we have these centers who are trusting us to answer their chats, and we want them to have full understanding of everything that’s going on in that chat. So when that center volunteer gets up in the morning, comes into the office, and our nurses have scheduled an appointment in the middle of the night, then she can get up and she can see, open up, hope sink, and she can see the whole conversation she can see, Oh my goodness, this woman is living on the streets because she got kicked out of her home. She’s in a domestic violence situation and we need to help find her a place to live this afternoon that’s our one goal is to get that done. You know and she’s pregnant and so but they get to see everything so they know what’s coming in the door and that’s exciting like that continuity of care and that transparency. It’s not it’s been absolutely just like you said just like the SMS is different, right it’s different than most chats services and it’s more it’s more effective right. Just like having the continuity of care has been incredibly effective because like you said, we’re all in this together we need to do it well and we need to be transparent in doing that and there’s a lot of services out there right now, a lot of call services and things that aren’t particularly transparent this way you know what’s happening and going on there is a particularly one center that we started working with that was our one of our flagship centers. We started off with a little bitty center, a medium center and then a large center and this particular large center was it was like crickets when the widget was on there, it was nothing was happening and they were spending a considerable amount of money on some advertising and then we came along and we said, hey, I think there may needs to be an adjustment in the advertising so they made some really awesome adjustments and then guess what Jacob, as of today the center we have hardcore together saved 200 babies. We’re not talking just this, they might have been like life minded these were all abortion determined women that changed their mind because they chatted and then they came into the center and had their ultrasound. Now the beautiful part about this particular story is that we are doing it together. We’re not doing it separate from the center we’re just an enhancement. We’ve seen some staff that have come out of our centers and in general if they if a young woman has a pre appointment relationship, that’s what we are calling this a pre appointment relationship, right. With a nurse on the texting she is three, well she’s 30 % more likely to make an appointment and then she’s 28 % more likely to keep that appointment. And then in some centers we’ve seen that she’s three times more likely to choose life because she talked to someone in the beginning and walked that walk with them and then came into the center. And so these are some really IT fun stats to talk about and it’s interesting because each center is a little bit different and so boy, it’s been, it’s been quite a ride. I can’t tell you how much fun it has been to wrap around centers and to provide that extra support that they need. The other stat that just shocks me deeply is the fact that our nurses chat obviously twenty four seven and it’s 60 %, 60 % of those conversations are after hours. So that is crazy, right. So that’s a lot of stuff going on after hours and they’re able to make those appointments and that’s really amazing. But like you said, I’m getting to your question, which was, you know, what about during the day hours and working side by side with the center so some centers actually it’s over. Yeah, it’s.

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Over i think so with the, with the. So when the volunteer comes in she can see the conversation and then she can add notes and then if her shift comes to an end she could hand it back right?

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Oh, absolutely so during the day yeah yeah, centers can run their own chat and that’s what the beauty part of it is they can actually chat with their clients that have come in that didn’t come through the nurses, they can chat, they can send messages to who, whoever they need to and they can also take over that chat during the day now about 90 % of our centers are actually have us on, have the nurses on twenty four seven, but the 10 % that don’t really enjoy chatting and communicating with their with their potential client, it’s great and then we take over in the evening, so we pick up in the evening or let’s say it’s the weekend we have several centers that do this where they have like an email request form on their website. And that email request form, is you know, coming there’s a few coming in on Saturday and maybe Sunday. But our centers, what they’ll do is they’ll start the conversation in texting they’ll say, hey, can we text i know you emailed us, but can we text and I’m going to hand you over to our nurse chats and they will answer your questions and get you scheduled if you’d like, an appointment. So they’ll literally hand it over on the weekends to the nurses so that they don’t have to, so that they can rest on the weekends, right. They work hard during the week and they need rest on the weekends and they also need, they need, I should say, restful rest but they need the reassurance that they that these young women who are in crisis on Saturday night get to talk to someone who they trust, right and so that’s what we get to bring to the table, is this trusted they know that they’re going to be talking to a nurse who is experienced on the chat and who is able to answer their questions and to book that appointment. That’s really powerful.

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So how many nurses does it take to support the hundred and fifty current chats that are actively running?

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Yeah, right now we have about we’re we just brought on a few more so we have about 17 nurses right now that we’re working with. So yeah, it’s really awesome and so all of our nurses, this is another thing that we do is we follow the telehealth laws in each state. And so even though honestly Jacob, we are, we are just a glorified scheduling system is what we are but we do apply to the telehealth laws in each state so our nurses are licensed in each state that we are in and so each center that we’re in their license and then we are bringing on a precious physician who is also licensed in every state of the US And so our goal by the end of this year is to be in every state. We just have to work ourselves into that we’re almost there we’re at about, I think 38 states right now. We are in and we’re now bringing in some of the blue states we started off in the red states where we knew there was some friendlies and now we’re heading up into the blue states where branching into Minnesota and California this month and Alaska and then we’ll next quarter we’ll break into a couple of more i think we’re doing next quarter is look at my list, but we’re doing Illinois, New York and one other next month. So we just have a few more to add and then we’ll have we’ll be in every state in the country which is our goal this year. Also one of the things that we have to do a little bit different is because we had, do you mind if I get into the funding end of it, do you mind if I do that Jacob well.

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I was actually going to ask you that exact question. Well, I do and so this is a little bit personal to me because on April 1st I’m went up, You know, I’m going to try and help apply for a grant for their with their group out of Oklahoma. And I’m thinking I could share this podcast episode with them as a really good, like here’s what I’m asking you to fund. And so would you speak to your needs, your financial needs and with the expectation that a grant reviewer will be considering this piece and obviously the same and also everyone that’s listening, I would like everyone to understand your need so that they can pray, give and redirect as helpful.

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Yeah, you bet. You bet I am. I This is where I get excited about, because I do think it’s so important to sew into the Kingdom and to rescuing life like it is fun for me to give people the opportunity to sew into this because I love sewing into it i love the eternal reward that I get i love being able to look at this world and see how lives have been affected because people have given and that’s where this is i just get super passionate about this. What happened in the beginning was our mission in our heart was to support this 100 % through private donations and we started off with a half 1000000$ gift from someone very precious actually Heritage House came alongside and they funded, they gave all of their off the top of what they made that year. And so that is really precious is to give that is huge. And when they did that, we took that and we thought oh we can, we can go a long ways with this well in the chat was three times more effective than we thought it would be, right. And we put on our first hundred or so centers with that half a million and then we realized that we were out and that we needed to come up with a different strategy because we weren’t able to. And we just grew so fast, right we grew so fast and we didn’t have that donor traction yet. And so we’re working on donor traction right now and what we broke down the cost is we broke down the cost to have one center on and that is actually eighty four hundred dollars plus the cost of Hope sink which is around a grand or so about we break it down, it’s a little over that so we say about 10 grand, 10 grand will get a center on with their hopes and prescript subscription and then also with the nurses for one year that covers the cost of the nurse that covers. And the great thing is we don’t as a ministry, we don’t have a lot of overhead because our nurses work at home. I know everyone is working at home we don’t have office expenses we just have nursing staff expenses and to executive staff. So we’re not out there, you know, getting crazy, right. We don’t have big plush offices. So but so that’s the bare minimum that we need from each center to make this happen. And what we’ve done is we’ve just taken it back to the centers because we have a waiting list so a few months ago our waiting list was over you know 100 and So what we did was we said OK, so we have this waiting list and we’re going back to those centers and we’re saying OK, two things that you can do is you can fund yourself now to me and in fundraising and being a director of many centers like a goal like that, you know eighty four hundred or 10 grand to bring on nurse chat for a whole year, Oh my goodness, that’s like you know, less than a dollar a minute or excuse me less than a dollar an hour for a nurse to be on available for a pregnancy center is huge i mean the cost of a nurse in a in average state is you know 60 to you a hundred thousand depending on what state you’re in that’s what it costs to hire one nurse just full time not twenty four seven. So what we’re doing here is we’re splitting the cost up between the centers and we’re providing this incredible care to the potential clients and to the centers. And so we said, OK, you guys can you can fund yourselves, take this and run with it and ask your donors if there’s someone who would like to pay for this to really wrap around your center and provide this extra staff really. And so the first center that jumped on board with the 84 you know, we prayed together and the next day, actually it was the 3rd center night, but it was the first one that we actually got a check from and she jumped on board we prayed together the next day a church walks in the door and said, hey, we heard that you wanted 24 7 chat nurses and it was going to cost you eighty four hundred dollars here’s a check for eighty four hundred dollars the very next day it was just incredible, right and so we know that our God is bigger than the bill, right if he calls you to something, he’s going to fund it and so we really saw him starting to fund it and this was just in November where we started to really kick off this campaign of just offering this to the centers so that they could fund themselves and have the service. And then we we’ve also come alongside of them and said we can help you fundraise too. You know, we can help you write the letters, your newsletters or we can also branch off into some different fund or creative fundraising i’m going and speaking at a couple of banquets now and then just making sure that their donors understand what’s happening and what’s going on that’s super fun i love to do that. And then thirdly, so third is we’ve offered a program and we’ve had a couple takes on this so there’s it we’re actually getting a little bit of traction in this where we do kind of an adoptive center program where you sponsor a center or you sponsor a flight of nurses or you know you come around that local center, that local state or whichever it is and then we have the centers apply for that. And what it is the centers and the cost comes down to around 200$ a month. And then we have a sponsor who comes around and, you know, pays the extra, which would be 500 And that is really good because then that donor gets to support that center that can’t fund themselves and that centre has a little skin in the game too. And So what we’re doing is we’re developing this adoptive centre program and like I said, we have two centres adopted and we have 10 in the waiting right now. So that is really fun to me because again, there are small centres that can’t on themselves and there or maybe a sender who’s just on the capital campaign and doesn’t want to ask anymore or there’s a thing but one thing that my heart is, Jacob, is I want the senders to know that we are aggressively trying to raise the money and we don’t want the cost to get in the way of them having the service, right. We’re going to work together, put our elbow grease on and we’re going to do it together we’re going to find a way to make this happen because they need it. And the women that are headed to the abortion clinic needed or to have already ordered that abortion pill and it’s headed to their home. They need to be able to chat with that nurse in the middle of night when they’re sitting on the side of their bed going do I take this pill or not they need someone to talk to and we need to be there for them in the middle of the night and so it’s so exciting to raise funds for. One thing about the funding is you know we have those three opportunities we’re also working on getting again those private donors to wrap around the whole organization and wrap around those individual centers so we are working hard at that i want you to know that and honestly like I said, we don’t want funding to inhibit you from coming on board and having the twenty four seven nurse chat so we will walk you through this and walk with you through this so that we can get that funding for you. We’re not going to leave you dry on this we want as many centers as possible to be utilizing this amazing tool that helps bring in more women into the centers and helps them to see the value of themselves and the value of the life inside of their womb so that they can maybe meet Jesus for the first time so that is what our passion, our mission and vision is and so if you’re at all interested in this, reach out to us, reach out to our team you can reach out to me, which is Rachel at We have Savannah, who is She is our onboarding expert for Hope Sync so that you can go to Savannah at pro dot life that’s at Savannah at pro dot life. And you can set up an appointment to have a free demo of Hope Sync so you can see the value of all those great videos there’s like 200 pieces of literature on there to send out to your clients that’ll save you all kinds of money that way i love to tell that to centers it saves you money on your actual literature and then you get this digital platform that you get to text this out to them and of course there’s videos the videos are incredible they’re done by doctors and lawyers and there’s relational videos there’s medical information videos. There’s testimony videos, and so it just wraps around those women are nurses their favorite series of videos are, you know, the importance of ultrasound before you have an abortion there’s a great video on that we use daily there’s a great video on learning your cycle and when you might be fertile those are seems to be questions that we get all the time on the nurse chat. And then of course there’s videos on making hard decisions and how to walk all the way around that decision and look at every aspect before you make a decision that could change the rest of your life and so these are good pulses, materials that you can use inside of your organization that can enhance not only your relationship with your clients, but also help them to hear what you’re saying in their language. I like to compare it to, you know, if we’re going to China, we’re going to have to learn Mandarin to share the gospel here in the United States if we are ministering to the Gen z for them to hear us, we have to be on the phone where they’re at we have to be speaking SMS we have to be speaking that text language that is their love language. And I joke about this, but it’s true. This generation was born with that phone in their hands they were literally born with it in their hand and they don’t feel comfortable with face to face relationships and that’s where the power of that SMS comes in. They literally are. It’s crazy it’s statistics share that it’s 60 % more likely to go to another website and to your competitor if you do not have a place where they can chat and where they can make an appointment online if you are not as a center director, have those options on your website, you are losing clients to Planned Parenthood. I know that sounds rough, but as a former director and as I work with directors and websites and marketing every day and work on that chat, watch the nurses do their amazing work, I see the value of this day after day after day so I encourage you look into this, get involved in it and let us come alongside of you and help make this happen for your center, in your state, in your area and know that I am gone beasted and know that I am gone and.

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Know that I am.

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Gone beasted and.

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Know that I am.

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Gone fire midnight the.

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Thunder over waves.

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The murmur.

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We can hear it all the.

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Reaching of our hands.

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The alibi.

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The broken wish inside.

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The chorus of our questions, all creatures of the earth beasted. And know that.

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I have done beasted and know that I am.

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Sob at the gravesite, the wedding bells at noon.

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The sounds.

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Of the lost and founder reaching.

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The Will and the Lion Mother.

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And the son, the family of Terra Firma, creatures of the earth beasted and.

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Am gone. Be still and know that I am God beasted, and know that I am God.