The ProLife Team Podcast 141 | Mayra Rodriguez

Hear Mayra’s story – a Planned Parenthood whistleblower story.


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So Myra, I’m excited to have you on the pro-life Team Podcast. Would you introduce yourself as if you were talking to a room of pregnancy clinic directors?

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Sure yes. My name is Myra Rodriguez i’m a former Planned Parenthood director, also known as the Planned Parenthood whistleblower, and that is after winning a case against Planned Parenthood in my I will call home state because I’ve been there for 30 years in the in Phoenix, arizona. I’m from Mexico i was born and raised in Mexico, moved to this beautiful country when I was about 18 years of age. I became AUS citizen last year so this will be my very first year voting i can’t wait to exercise my right to vote and vote for the right person right. And that’s who I am today i’m a pro-life advocate i would like to say advocate because advocate for the unborn and women not only as an activist, you know, marching and making my voice heard, but also working alongside with pregnancy centers, crisis hotlines I also work with. And then they were known as a global outreach coordinator, which is Abby Johnson’s ministry we’re trying to get that ministry globally to help other abortion workers leave the industry and find healing.

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Awesome so tell us the story of, well, tell us your story of the whistleblowing experience or, you know, working at Planned Parenthood or in an abortion clinic, and then the exit that took place.

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Tell us about that yeah. I mean, we don’t have that much time, but I will make it as short as possible. You know, Latinos, we have a hard time making short stories you know, we’ll always make long stories. But I do have a book coming up so I don’t many people will have questions and I’m hoping that book will clarify a lot. So like many people that you have heard before, they start working for Planned Parenthood thinking they’re helping women, right? That’s not different to me. I grew up in Mexico City i grew up in a hospital setting my mother was a social worker. So I got to see a lot of the crisis situations that women face during low income or abuse, Stuff like that, right that’s how I grew up so when I moved to this country with a medical lab technician diploma and my friends like, hey, why don’t you work for Planned Parenthood? They’re hiring bilinguals. They help women. That’s all I knew about Planned Parenthood, that they help women. I’m gonna be honest with you. I knew very little about abortion because in my home country back then, abortion was illegal still, it wasn’t something you talk about every day, right? Even though I just told you that my mother worked in the hospital. It’s not that you hear that women were having abortions, right? The other side likes to say that women were having abortions in back alley you know, like if they were going into a secret alley and but you don’t hear that, right? So I’m like, OK, I want to help women, right and I’m bilingual, so they want to help my community, right because if they speak, if they need people that speak Spanish, it’s because they have an interest of helping my people, right so jackpot, they want me and they want to help my people. So I started working for them in the year to about the year 2000 You know, I remember something very particular, and that was that back then, I had no interest in politics so it surprised me that when I got a job with them, the atmosphere felt heavy because Al Gore had lost. And I didn’t know what that meant, right i know why a medical facility was so worried about elections, right? I learned that throughout my years working for them and what that meant. So at the beginning, I started working in centers that were preventive care, right, Which is what most people praise about Planned Parenthood, right even myself, I remember arguing with people on the sidewalk, people on the streets, friends, people at my kids school you know, Plan Parent does so much than abortions. For example, I where I work at, we prevent this, we prevent cancer, we prevent pregnancies, we help people, we prevent STD’s right? And I was ready to give them the long list of services that we offer at this title 10 Centres right? And then on top of it, I remember feeling so proud i said, and it’s free. We do all this for free, right? Like if we’re donating that money, right? Little did I know that it was our own tax money and where we’re all paying for all this, right? It took years for me to understand how Plum Parent would work, but I’m going to tell you that I was a very devoted, very dedicated employee, not only because I was grateful for the opportunity right this is an immigrant, right this is the immigrant story like this is the what they call the American dream, right you go to another country and aspire to work in the medical field since I was a little kid. So you can imagine getting to this country, being able to work in the medical feel like I had dream and helping my community it was a dream come true, and it’s what people would refer to in other countries as the American dream, right? I didn’t have to settle on working at a restaurant or being a babysitter not that there’s nothing wrong with that, but obviously I wanted more, right i wanted to be in the medical field it’s something that passioned me and helping women, something that had always moved me. So move the years forward. I started being such a good employer just told you dedicated, loyal to them. I became the assistant director, then I became the training coordinator, meaning I will train everyone in the facilities. And then I became the director of the first facility in North Phoenix, arizona, still a Title 10 center. And they asked me to direct the second clinic, which is Flagstaff, arizona, another Title 10 center, but that does abortion by pill once a week. And then in the year 2016 they gave me the Ploy of the Year award, right? It took me by surprise, to be honest with you, because I didn’t expect that over 100 employees voted for me as Employee of the Year. And with that award it came a promotion that I was not expecting, to be honest with you. They asked me to direct the biggest abortion facility in the state of Arizona, which is Glenda why do I say the biggest? That location opens five to six days a week just to do abortions when I took cover. I’m going to confess that when they offered me the job, I said no thank you know, I have been working for them for so many years on the other side and I was like, what would I need that, right. I have heard how hard it was to work at those facilities. I have heard that the employee retention was hard. I have heard that the abortion is were hard to deal with. I have heard that patients were hard to deal with. I have heard all these problems, right? Problems about those centers, right like employees weren’t happy and patients weren’t happy of course no one wants to be there i always tell the people who I’m speaking on events that the only people want to be there are the people in the sidewalk brain right no one else wants to be there. So I mean after basically, I’m not gonna say twisting my arm because they were like, well, Myron, when I said to my supervisor, you know what, no thank you i’m not interested i’m fine what i am, he responded to me well, Trump will take over because he had just won on 2016 remember by now I knew what it meant to have a Republican president instead of a Democrat, right i knew it meant the funding i knew it meant problems for Planned Parenthood not getting their way. And I was told so Trump will take over and he will defund Planned Parenthood. And we cannot guarantee that we will keep the Title ten. Cents, open which is what I was running, right title 10 centers. So basically they said you may not have a job when that happens. I cannot say that I will have a spot say for you if you don’t take this job right now. So my boss made it sound that he was doing me a favor, right saving me in that spot before everything came back down. And I will lose my job at that moment i’m going to tell you that many people may not understand what life well you should not have accepted, right? But in my situation itself, it was a bit harder. I was also an undocumented person in this country back then they knew that they hired me knowing that I was undocumented and that’s how I worked for them for 17 years. So it wasn’t as easy for me as, oh, OK, I’m just going to go get another job, right? I had a job security, I have benefits. I had everything that an immigrant will only dream to have, right? So I decided to take on the job. You know, there goes, there comes a moment on my lap that I was like, why did I take that job, right but now I am grateful because I am who I am and I am where I am today because I took that job, I got to see what everyone was talking about on the sidewalk. I got to see what the pro lifers had been saying all alone, Which to me, I’m grateful because I got to see the light. I know that it may sound to some people have been on the pro-life movement it’s hard to believe that you needed to see, to believe. But I mean, it is biblical right that we need to see, to believe some of us are that stubborn, some of us are that blind, and we need to see, to believe. But what did I see? Well, at first when I took cover, I saw what I just told you about i saw that the boys didn’t want to be there it was like a heavy place to work at you know, like when you enter a place and you feel this darkness, right? Employees were in a bad mood. Obviously the women that come there are not happy no matter what anyone says, no matter what tick tocks you have seen of women jumping, being happy or having abortions that is not true. Not once in my time working for Planned Parenthood did I see a woman walking into the doors, jumping of happiness for having an abortion, and certainly never saw a woman leave that building happy, right? So women are not happy to be there. The abortion is they think they’re God, obviously i mean, they pick and choose who dies and who lives, right so obviously they think they are God. So that was something very hard to swallow at first, right? But here I am trying to do the best out of me i just told you I was a loyal employee. I was very dedicated to this mission. And I was like it was time for me to pay back all the years they have given me as an employee, right. All those all those times that I’ve been with Planned Parenthood, but then I start seeing the reality of abortion what do I mean by that i start seeing that abortions harming women. I got to see perforations not once a month. You know, they like to say on their statistics that about 28 % of women get perforated i can tell you that I witnessed the daily a woman left perforated daily if not one that we notice. Just keeping keep in mind that I’m talking about the ones we knew that got perforated. Many women get perforated they didn’t even know about it, right. I got to see the complications and then I got to see the falsifying a patient charge, the complications that went unreported. The abortion is breaking rules and regulations in our state to protect women it i got to see the basically the corruption, how the inspector, the healthcare inspector will schedule the inspection instead of showing up surprisingly like they will do in a restaurant, maybe they will do in a nail salon right. She will call and be like I’m going to be there on Thursday between nine and twelve will that work for you can you believe that? Like, will that work for me? And then I will know what they were looking for and I will be told what they were going to need for them to review, right. So then it gives you time to prepare, right it gives you time to get ready for this inspection. So I start calling out all these irregularities i start telling my supervisors what was going on. I was very outspoken about the abortionist. I remember a few staff members saying, Myra, you should not talk about him they will fire you that’s what happens when you raise your voice, right i was like, I don’t care i’m not gonna stick quiet here i am thinking that Planned Parenthood will take me for letting them know that an abortionist is harming women, right? That was what naive Meyer thought, that my employer care no matter what about women. So when I mentioned that there was an abortion is not doing their job properly, they will do something about it. But that’s not what happened was that I was let go, meaning that right after I brought up a case of a for a 19 year old girl that had 14 weeks pregnant with abortion, is had forgotten the baby head inside. And just so, I’m not sure if you’re OK with me describing a bit of the scene for your audience, but i find it a bit necessary sometimes for people to understand that an abortion after 12 weeks is through the dismemberment of the babies feeling pain. Meaning they rip apart their limbs, their legs, their arms, their torso. And then the assistant, the medical assistant that it’s with him takes all these baby puzzles, right? There’s no other way to call that the body part and take them to a room where they put this puzzle together, making sure they have two legs, a torso, 2 arms, a head. In this scenario, she couldn’t find the head and she had gone and look everywhere, so she told me about it she went into my oven, said Myra i already told him he’s missing the head, he’s not listening i don’t know what else to do. I go back with her and we tell him, hey, you’re missing the head he was already moving on to the next room. I mean, he had to see a patient every 15 minutes, dissipations 40 to 45 patients a day, and we argue about it. He didn’t want to go back he had already put on the chart that a portion had been done with our complications he had inserted an IUD, which is a intrauterine device to prevent pregnancies, right? And we argue about it and finally he admitted repeat the ultrasound. The 19 year old girl had two aspirations on to her. They scraped her twice. He didn’t mention anything to her. Neither did the nurse next to her mentioned anything. I even recall I stayed in the room to make sure everything was done. And I even recall when the patient was kind of waking up i thought you were done, she said. And then they just pushed more medication on her without giving her an explanation what had happened. He didn’t report it on the chart, even though he had used two IUD’s He was refusing to report that and I kept pushing him because I was like, I’m going to miss an IUD on my inventory that’s like a thousand dollar device I need you to put in there what happened? So then I’m accounted for that IUD. He still refused, so I had to make a note about the IUD. I left. I called my supervisor and said that’s it, I’m done, that’s it. I cannot be part of this. I will do whatever I need to do for him to stop harming women. And also what happened to me that they was when I asked him about the baby head, he said go find it in the trash. Like if to him was just a piece of trash, like it to him was just a cotton ball that he had lost. And believe it or not, you work in that industry for many years you hear what they do to the babies, you hear that they go on ciplo bags. It’s a whole different thing when you see it. It’s a whole different thing with you there watching the babies go on this plastic ciploc bags in a red bag. They’d signing up for this disposal container of hazardous materials that will go and get cremated along with all the medical waste from other hospitals. That’s different. I mean that takes you to a whole new level of understanding what you’re doing, right to another human being. And you start, let’s say it humanizing these babies, right because now they don’t look like it, don’t look that you have heard what they do it’s like you see this baby part, you see these baby heads. Those are images very hard to take away from your mind, right. So that you stop remembering those images like they’re there, right? Those images are still there. And so I left, I called my supervisor and I was like, OK, this is said, right they’re gonna do something about it because this was beyond the limit of what anyone can do but up. What happened was that a few days later, they fired me, accusing me of having narcotics on my desk while I was God so it’s like you have your office and you, they have sent you to another office, and they’re like, hey, you know what you were gone last week we found narcotics on your desk you’re fired. I knew what it meant, right i knew that they wanted to accuse me of something that serious so that I wouldn’t pursue anything else against them right. So that moment I laughed and I’m like, what am I gonna do? What am I gonna do? What am I gonna do about it just be right just an immigrant against this multinational, multi billion dollar corporation. What can I do against them? I’m not gonna lie i felt lost i felt angry. I felt disappointed, right. You sure people ask me to try to express how I felt and I tell them, Can you imagine that you have been married for 17 years. Everyone’s been telling you that they’re cheating on you keep denying it. And you’re like, no the sweetest person on there you’re lying you’re lying. That’s not true right. And one day you realize that they were telling you the truth, that it is true, that everything they’ve been saying about it, right that in fact they’re hiding things in fact, they don’t care for women, right they didn’t care about me as an employee, 17 years with them and they didn’t care about the patients, Right. I was so naive that I’m like, I was sure they were going to do something about it. That’s what I thought people like, what were you thinking? Well, That they will do something about it, right that they care for women, Right i work for these people because I care for women therefore they care for women and but no, the reality was that everyone was saying the right thing about Planned Parenthood, and I was just too naive to see it. Sometimes I wonder if I was too naive to see it because it was convenient to me, right which is what happens when the truth is inconvenient, because it doesn’t play along with your life plans, right? Then you don’t get to see it correct. So I think I was comfortable with my job, right? I had my benefits right? My head i kept making excuses, right, Which is what most people on the other side do, right they keep making excuses it’s a selfish side i will say it is the selfish side. It tells you don’t see what is going on. It’s OK. You know it’s fine. It’s normal it’s not that bad, right? So anyways, we start a lawsuit against them thanks to the help of all the people on the sidewalk, I found my lawyer, Team Casey we start a lawsuit against them in Maricopa County in this city of Phoenix, which we gratefully won as a whistleblower protection act. So it was a Bronco termination lawsuit under the Whistleblower Protection Act and that was in 2019 Many people didn’t think that it was going to be possible or doable because it is Planned Parenthood and everyone’s like no one which Planned Parenthood in court. So I am grateful to say that we did right, that the trip prevailed, that God helped me and I believe that he was behind everything, you know, I mean, he’s behind the truth. So that’s how we got here.

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Wow, thank you so much for sharing your story and yeah, just going into such good detail about it, that was really just such a awesome journey you’ve been on. We’re So tell me where are you at today like what are what’s your role today look like in twenty four?

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Are you ready because I have so many roles. I worked too many times today. I mean, once you’re in this movement, it’s not that you can use the one thing, right? So let me just tell you that I started speaking up like you know, I was started travelling, going and telling my story, right? Being kidnapped speaker in many events covering March for Life like I covered the March for life in Mexico City, right i start going to Colombia taking my testimony across the glove, right. And while I was doing that, I realized what was happening in my home state, right, which it was like we were going to the other side, right. I have left a state that was very conservative and all this sort of we’re looking at a very liberal state. Many new laws for abortion, you know like right now so I work with and then they were known, which is Abby Johnson’s ministry, as their global outreach coordinator. I also work as a volunteer for Loveline, which is a crisis hotline that helps women in crisis and partners with pregnancy centers and other resources. I also started well partner with Moms for America to start the Arizona Moms for America i’m the state director but why did I do that? Well, because I realized that our fight against abortion doesn’t stop. We just been at March or on the sidewalk right it has to do also with the way people are voting right the politicians were electing educating people about ballot measures coming up on many of our states right. I was honored to be at the Dobbs versus Jackson with attorney general from that state that brought up the case in the Supreme Court back in June and we were there outside of the Supreme Court at the rally and overturning Robbie Wade was great right but I don’t think we were quite ready for the fights that we have in our state right. I think that unfortunately the pro-life was not ready to take on they didn’t expect what will happen in conservative states like Ohio, right? Like what’s happening in Michigan, what will happen in Missouri, what’s happening in Arizona, right an evil ballot measure and it to be especially educating people about this ballot measure in the state of Arizona it’s very important, believe it or not, once you read what the what that law will look like, which by the way, their goal is to make killing a baby a constitutional right on every state. But I know that we know that they won’t stop there after they’re done doing that they will go after our pregnancy centers. They will start closing pregnancy centers why because to the abortion industry, and I have witnessed this, anyone against them needs to be removed, right? Anyone that will damage their business needs to be gone. So pregnancy centers do a great job we outnumber them you know, we have for every abortion facility in our country, we have four pregnancy centers at least. So they’re all privately funded from people’s donations. The government does not help them at all and that’s what they do it they know they’re powerful. So I’m working really hard without all our people in the Arizona team, Arizona, Right to life projected for La Familia, working on the Latino community, racing awareness, you know, and covering a bunch of other topics on a very active with the Latino community, very active with the Catholic boat, making sure that people understand that I didn’t understand this right for many years I was Catholic, working for Planned Parenthood and thinking that I was doing the right thing because as long as I don’t have abortion, I should be fine, right? Educating people, That’s not what it means to be Catholic or Christian. What it means to be Catholic or Christian is to really follow Jesus and the values that he has set for us, right that. I mean, it’s not a guessing game we know what he expects of us, so that’s what we’re doing today.

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Wow, you are you do have a lot of hats, and you said you have a lot of hats that was very true. That’s a lot. So tell me, what is something from your story, from your journey that most people don’t know that essentially that most pregnancy clinic directors may not know what’s something that would be really helpful for them to understand or know that’s not commonly known?

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That it’s not commonly known wow i mean, I think that one of the things that people need to understand is that we tend to make every woman that seeks an abortion as a victim, right, like there’s in this vulnerable state. And yes, the majority of them may be, but not all of them, right i have seen a lot of women being selfish, right? I remember a woman that literally came in there, and her whole reason for having the abortion was because she had just had plastic surgery, right? The other side makes it seem that abortion’s necessary to save a woman’s life, to save a woman from the heartache of having a sick baby, right of to save that baby from a life of a miserable, miserable sickness, right. But the reality is that I will say about 40 % of women or more don’t have any economic problems. They have support at home and simply they just don’t want to have the baby, right like it’s an inconvenient to them, to their selfish freedom. Let’s call it somewhere right. That is something that I have seen on the pro-life woman that a lot of people tend to. I’m not sure if they don’t. It’s not that they don’t see it it’s that maybe a lot of the people that deal with the women that reach out to pregnancy centers are people that were willing to save their babies, right? But I think that the women that we have seen, that no matter what you tell them, still walking through the doors, are women that really don’t have any big problems to have the baby they just don’t want to, right? I remember I had a teenager that her whole point was to get pregnant, to have an audition for MTV’s show Teen and Pregnant. And when they didn’t selected her, then she no longer wanted the baby so and I could tell you on stories and stories of women that their excuses were that right. I mean, there’s darkness, right people are selfish because there is there’s darkness we’re not that close to Jesus i was selfish myself i just said that, but I think that is something that a lot of people they tend to make it seem that women need abortion because they’re dying if they don’t have it right. What we need, it’s more responsible men and women, right? Abortion should not be abortion should not happen, because this should be prevention and abstinence.

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Yeah, that makes a lot of sense wow that’s. And that’s, yeah, very often we always think of the well. And at some levels, you know, the woman who’s selfish or who had, you know, doesn’t have a medical reason or doesn’t, you know, it’s essentially it’s for personal desires or well, it could, you know, for a TV audition. Wow, It just feels like.

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Or plastic sure, like that Lady or plastic. I just spent twenty thousand dollars i’m not gonna waste that money can you believe that?

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Yeah, it just feels like they. Yeah, it just feels sad that that’s somewhat yeah, someone’s reason. Boy, they need yeah, that every everyone there needs. Jesus, that’s for sure everyone there needs responsibility, needs just a better understanding of really like what’s true and good. And that’s a lot it.

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So along this journey that you’ve had, you know, both in the whistleblowing as well as where you are Now what tell me a story Where you’ve seen God’s fingerprints where have you seen God showing up along?

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Your journey. Oh my God, yeah. I mean the miracles that he has done with me in my life. I can even. I think that, you know, the other day I was at an event we were outside the courthouse here in Phoenix, arizona, because they were starting to hear about going back to the previous law before Robbie Wade and whatnot, right? The hearings had started about that and there was a young girl then I was with the Students for Life, I believe and she said you came to speak at my Jude group at Flagstaff, in Flagstaff, arizona, at her Newman Center. And you encourage me to be part of this movement, you know, to do something about it so when you hear that, you know, when you hear that someone got encouraged to be on the sidewalk or be part of this or be more active because they heard your story, that moves something, right when someone says, you know, I mean, I am grateful that because I had been on the other side, then when people, you know, whether it’s online or in person, they start arguing about me with abortion, you know and once I tell them, yeah, I was on the other side, this happened, you know, that then they back up and then they understand that something very dark, it’s happening in there, right. Also, I mean to hear that a woman didn’t enter a center, to hear that a woman didn’t enter center when they told her about my story here in Arizona, right like when they show up to the Glendale facility and they’re like, hey, you know that the former manager there left. I mean, this happened and she won a case against them and then people turned back. That’s God. I believe that when all those scenarios that I just mentioned to you, that has been God, right? I mean, what else can I tell you that it is God who has taken me, whatever I have gone i mean, I’m so grateful of being to Hawaii on a speaking tour on many islands, right, Speaking of and telling my story. And just to know that after I spoke at a couple church events in Hawaii, more people sign up to go pray on the sidewalk that’s God, right? Because he brings the people that need to hear my story and be able to move them and change their hearts of minds. So like I said, I mean, there’s so many, so many scenarios that I can tell you what I saw. God, I mean, just the fact that I’m here and I have for being forgiven and redeemed, It’s him. You know it’s him.

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Wow thank you for sharing that, Myra. What’s something that you would consider encouraging the Precy Clinic directors that you would like to share?

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Oh, well, to never give up, right. You know, sometimes it’s very hard for them, especially when they’re pregnancy centers that are near an abortion facility right. Or an abortionist and they see so many women going in there, right. But the pregnancy centers give so much joy i can tell you from working on the other side that you enter those abortion facilities and I just told you it feels darkness, it feels heavy, right? But when you enter in a pregnancy Resource Center, you see live, you see phone callers, you see baby pictures. I remember going to a pregnant center and telling them the staff had their baby pictures there on their desk and telling them I was not allowed to do that. I was not allowed to have the pictures of my children on my desk. My staff was not allowed to have picture of their children on their computer you know, many people sometimes bring a picture of their family and have it in their computer screen and the staff were not allowed to do that. I remember that we were not even allowed to wear scrubs that had anything to do with children or even ward they use baby right it was forbidden to say baby you have to call it pedosis, right? And you could get fired from saying the word baby in that place, which is so sad, right? So to encourage them and tell them that we’re going to fight for them. We know that their goal is to close pregnancy centers, but we’re not going to let them. We’re going to continue fighting i mean, California is an example of that many politicians have tried to pass legislations closing pregnancy centers, and the pro-life moment has been so strong, right, that they have not allowed them. So we are here for them, right? We’re here to support what they’re doing at the pregnancy resource centers and we’re not going to let them touch them.

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That’s good. Yeah, that’s an encouraging and really good insight into the battle that we’re in. So Myra, what are your top prayer requests for? Well, what? What are your current top prayer requests regarding abortion and this work?

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What am I top wide i’m so sorry you could have a little bit.

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Oh, you’re sorry Your top prayer requests like, what are you praying for?

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Oh, my top prayer request yeah, Yeah. Well, you know that people open their eyes and don’t sign those ballot measures that are coming up in our state, but that we are able to change hearts and minds that even if abortion is not illegal, that people see that they don’t need abortion, right. That abortions not necessary. That people on the sidewalk don’t give up right i pray that more people show up because I know what it means i know not only what it means for the women they are seeking abortion, but I know what it means to the employees, to the their workers there. When they see people on the sidewalk, believe it or not, it’s kind of encouraging i remember that. Yeah, there were some times that you were like, why are they here like, those people are crazy, right? Then I’m gonna tell you that we will look at them on the hot weather in Phoenix, arizona You know, we reach 118 degrees, 116 ° people are there in the sidewalk you’re like, that’s a education, right like, you have to give up credit for that. The dedication, whether it rains or shine, it’s snowing in super cold weather i mean, looking in DC we were all marching. Well, it was snowing 1015 ° weather and it’s the dedication of the pro-life moment. I pray that the people don’t give up, right because I know that when we start giving up, it’s when we will lose this battle. So that’s what I pray for.

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Oh, that’s really good. Well, Myra, I really enjoyed having you on this podcast so do you have any final thoughts? And then would you close us in a prayer with and hoping that those who listen will join us, join us in that prayer?

36:18 :

Sure well, I think that people need to realize that, yes, we’re here to save babies and their bums, but also to save the souls of many abortion workers, right? So when you pray for in the sidewalk, pray for them born, pray for that mom and pray for that abortionist. He’s only through the through the power of prayer, we can change their hearts about what they’re doing, right? And we strongly believe that if no one wants to do abortions and there will be none, right. So I mean, OK, let’s do the prayer. The name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. God, we ask you to please help us and abortion. Please help us get to the heart of all those women, of all those abortion workers, and for them to see the light that women would no longer seek to terminate their pregnancy. The women understand that there’s not a right to kill a baby. The human right, the basic right of a human being, is to be born. We thank you for everything that you have given us we thank you for your for your love, for the courage that you have provided the pro-life movement for all the young people that you’re waking up constantly and every day. We thank you for all the support that we get every day from many people across the globe, not only in our beautiful home state, but also I’m in this beautiful country and many people around the globe that work tirelessly to stop abortion. I know that you will help us get it done i know with you and in your mercy, we will one day be able to stop this abortion industry and make sure every baby is protected from womb to doom. Thank you and amen.

38:13 :

Amen. Wow thank you Myra, for being on this podcast i really enjoyed hearing your story and just I think, I think your story is encouraging and an example of, yeah, God’s grace and his work.

38:31 :

Thank you so much for having me i appreciate your time. I hope you have a nice time with your family the rest of the night. And thank you for doing this i truly appreciate it.