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Prolife Ribbon Offers Valuable Grants to Pregnancy Resource Centers 

Now is the time for your pregnancy resource center to apply for valuable grants through the Prolife Ribbon website.  “It’s easy to get the grant process started,” said Jacob Barr the founder of Prolife Ribbon and owner of “Just go to the grant application page on the Prolife Ribbon website and apply.”

One of the grants is the Donor Website Grant offered by By filling out a short form your pregnancy resource center can qualify for a substantial discount on a new donor website for their center. is a renowned website design company specializing in women’s and pregnancy resource centers. With over two decades of experience and hundreds of pregnancy center websites completed, has the experience and technology to design a donor-focused site that works for your center.

“Prolife ribbon is a collection of marketing ideas built for the prolife community of pregnancy help organizatgions.” said Barr. “If someone wants to get a reduced rate on their donor website they could fill out this form, where it says apply here within that paragraph, we would offer them a discount on their donor website.”

The second grant listed on the Prolife Ribbon website application page is the Google Adwords Grant.  “The Google Adwords Grant is 10,000 Google dollars per month to advertise a pregnancy center’s website, bringing in more traffic and increasing the exposure,” said Barr. “The goal of the advertising dollars is to take people who are searching for something and drive them to a website. The website’s job is to bring the woman to the doorways. The Google grant and the adwords work of advertising is trying to get them to the website and then pass on the baton, the website takes the baton and gets them through the doorway of the center, the counselor takes the baton and tries to be persuasive and helpful, and so and so on. The adwords portion of this relay race is just to get them to the website.”

Prolife Ribbon and the people at have helped over 100 pregnancy resource centers and many other charitable organizations apply for and receive the Google Adwords Grant.  “It’s successful,” said Barr. “It’s driving a great deal more traffic to the centers’ websites.”

It makes sense to have and Prolife Ribbon help you set up the Google Adwords Grant for your center because the benefits greatly outweigh the costs. Getting the grant set up through takes a few hours over a few weeks. “Setting up the grant involves thirty-eight small steps,” said Barr. “A few hours is not a lot of time but it is spread out over two weeks, we have to do something then wait, do something then wait, and so on.”

When it comes to utilizing the Google grant it, has several articles that have been built to be recycled to fast track high quality content being added to your site – which helps a great deal when it comes to getting grant based traffic to your site.

“There might be tens of thousands of impression that will correlate to thousands of clicks,” said Barr. “We have some high caliber people who work for us such as my amazing wife Heather Barr. By working with amazing people in this field we can increase the effectiveness of these campaigns and reach the desired clients.”

Google Ads Grant Interest Form